Elegant Place Cards | Elegant Dinner Party | Simple Place Card Design

I'm always looking for new napkin rings and place card ideas, so fell in love with Pottery Barn's Caterer's 12-Piece Napkin Ring/Place Card Holder Set.  These silver-plated napkin rings have slits to hold the place cards.  How clever!

Two of our New Yorker friends were brave enough to chance the weather and visit us in January and it was the perfect opportunity to use the new napkin rings.

I must admit I'm not known for my penmanship, so I found a font that I like (Bickham Swash below), and got to work.  Creating these nifty place cards was a piece of cake.

Instructions for Place Cards

What You'll Need:
  • a computer and printer
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • good eraser
  • ball point pen
  • fine felt tip marker

1. Select font on your computer and an appropriate font size for the card
2. Type names of all dinner party guests and print them using a light grey font color (it will make it easier to trace later)
3. Cut out names and flip paper over.  Take a pencil and shade the area behind the names.
5. Flip the names over again so that the name is facing you and pencil shading is facing your work surface
6. Cut out a 3" x 1-5/8" rectangle on heavy card stock
7.  Align the printed name on the heavy card stock
8. Using a ballpoint pen, trace the name pushing hard so that the pencil transfers to the place card
9. Remove the computer print-out and using a fine felt tip marker, trace the pencil impression
10. Once name has been traced, erase any remaining pencil marks

So easy and so pretty!  It really adds an elegant and personal touch to any dinner party.