DIY Kids' "Treat Bags" | DIY | Peace Sign and Butterfly Bags

I cherish many roles in my life - wife, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend - to name a few. But the one that is most fun for me and brings me a tremendous amount of joy is Aunt.

Mr. Stranded and I love being uncle and aunt to some of the best kids in the world. We get so excited to see them and plan well in advance what we will do when we're all together. We recently saw two of our nieces and put together "Treat Bags". To give you a background on these two nieces:

A - older
favorite color: turquoise
"cool thing of the day": peace signs
interests include: reading

C - younger
favorite color: pink and purple
"cool thing of the day": anything pink or purple
interests include: drawing, coloring and making things look fancy

And so the theme of this bag was turquoise/peace sign for A.  And pink/purple/ glittery/girlie for C.

I bought these two canvas bags from Joann's. They came in a 3-pack for $8.
To personalize and decorate each bag, I also bought iron-on decals:a peace sign for A and a glittery butterfly for C.

It took about 30 seconds to iron these on to each bag.

The contents of A's bag included:

A peace sign bag, three books, a Word-Find Puzzle Book, frog pen, Undersea Glow-in-the-Dark puzzle, DIY luggage tag (instructions here), DIY bookmark, and turquoise nail polish.

Included in C's bag:

A glittery butterfly bag, two coloring books, a picture book, Fancy Nancy Fan Club Kit, crayons, purple bow headband, DIY luggage tag (instructions here), DIY bookmark, and purple nail polish.

The treat bags were big hits. They both started talking excitedly about how they planned to use their new, personalized bags. Their favorite item in the bag? The nail polish in their favorite color. So with that, we painting toe nails.

It’s amazing how a few simple, targeted items can make a kid feel special and excited. What else can I say? To borrow a word from A, being an aunt is “awesome!”