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We have a lovely fireplace in the living room, but the way the living room is laid out, it's not conducive to any type of seating facing the fireplace, which is an absolute shame.  I still wanted a small armchair next to the fireplace should someone want to cozy up with some hot chocolate and a good book.

I was having a hard time finding the right chair.  I wanted something petite and had character, but wouldn't be obtrusive to the doorway next to it.

After a month or two of searching with no results, my luck changed.  I found a gorgeous, cherry-wood armchair at an estate sale.  The frame had intricate woodwork and interesting detail.  As you can see, the seat needed to be gutted and rebuilt.  This was fine with me - not crazy about having a stranger's fabric in our home.

So I brought the chair to an upholsterer who gutted the seat and created an entirely new one with springs.  He also re-glued and restored the woodwork.  He did a phenomenal job and it is so comfortable! 

What's that I hear?  Oh, it's my book and some hot cocoa calling my name!


Erin said... [Reply]

Looks great. Hope you got as great a deal on the re-upholster as you did on finding the chair itself!