Framed Skeleton Keys | DIY Artwork | Inexpensive Wall Art

Our front entrance is small and I wanted some artwork that wouldn't overwhelm the area.  I saw this neat framed skeleton key at Restoration Hardware, but there was no way I'd pay $200 for a framed key, especially when I knew I could make something similar myself for a fraction of the price.

I got to work and put these together in 15 minutes.  Here's my take on the framed skeleton keys:

I used Pottery Barn gallery frames that were on sale for $16 each. 

While at Jo-Ann's, I found a piece of discountinued fabric for $1, which I cut up and used as the backing behind the keys.  I hot glued the keys to the fabric and put them in the frame.

Here's a close-up of each framed key:

It was that simple and I saved myself $550!


Amethyst said... [Reply]

These are beautiful! I also love your powder room and January wreath :)

Julie said... [Reply]

So cute! Where'd you get the skeleton keys?

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

Thanks, Julie! I bought the skeleton keys at Joann's. They're really scrapbooking keys which are great because they have flat backs. It made it easy to glue. But they look like the real thing.