Vintage Drink Cart | Decorating | Silver Drink Tray

When my parents were first married, they went to Italy and brought back with them a beautifully carved, fruit wood drink cart.  Forty years later, they were nice enough to pass it along to Mr. Stranded and me. 

I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but Mr. Stranded and my tastes are very different.  I love the traditional, classic look.  I would furnish my entire house with interesting antiques if I could.  Mr. Stranded, on-the-other-hand, likes modern, simplistic and sparse.  He's coming around...I think.

Anyway, back to the drink cart.  So Mr. Stranded wasn't interested in the cart and thought it would be a magnet for clutter.  I'm not really sure why because our house if always tidy and, aside from our basement which is filled with moving boxes, has no clutter.  But I'm digressing again...

So in an effort to ensure that the drink cart did not become a clutter magnet and was a pratical piece, I decided that the top shelf would have a drink tray with a water pitch and glasses.  It's easy access during our dinner parties and it does not take room from the table or buffet server.  But the problem was, we didn't have a drink tray.

I searched on ebay and found this stunning tray for $17.  The ebay description said it needed "a little TLC."  Well, let me tell you, it with filthy when it arrived.  It took an entire silver polish bottle to clean it.  I never imaged it would become this shiny and bright.

Luckily, we had the perfect water pitcher for the tray.  We received this stunning Tiffany's water pitcher as a wedding gift.  It's too pretty to be stored away and was the perfect pitcher for the drink tray.

For the bottom shelf, I inherited my paternal grandmother's elegant silver tea set.  A piece like this should have a spotlight and what better place than on the drink cart?

So after I put all the pieces together, Mr. Stranded is no longer looking to drag the vintage drink cart out to the curb!