White Dinner Party Centerpiece | Elegant Dinner Party | Mixed White Flowers

One great thing about Cleveland is all the estate sales.  I walked away with some treasures this past summer, one of which was this silver-plated covered vegetable dish that I picked up for $2.50.  I thought it was a bargain, but Mr. Stranded was convinced I would never find a use for it.

Then I had the most brilliant idea.  I could use the base for a dinner party centerpiece! 

I soaked some Flora Foam (purchased from Jo-Ann's) and inserted it into the base.  I purchased all white flowers from Wholefoods to make this stunning flower arrangement.

Flowers Used:
White Roses
Viburnum Berries
Cedar Eucalyptus
Green grass sprays

All the flowers combined ended up being a bit pricey, but it was worth it in the end!


Darla said... [Reply]

Wow! $2.50 for that beautiful tureen! It takes a good eye and luck!
The centerpiece looks stunning and so does the placecard. How long did it take to put the flowers together?

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

Darla, thanks for your kind remarks! Prep to clean-up, it took about 40 minutes to create the centerpiece. Once I had my vision, it was fairly simple putting it together.