St. Patrick's Day Table Décor | Shamrock Centerpiece | Irish/Green Décor

I’m not a gimmicky kind of girl. I’m not even sure that that’s the right word. But I’m not the type of person to wear jingle bell earrings at Christmas, put out a heart patterned tablecloth on Valentine’s Day, nor hang a “Happy Thanksgiving!” wooden plaque with turkeys on my wall. Several years ago my mom told me that I have “no sense of fun with the holidays and should learn to embrace them.” To a certain extent, I think she was right. I’ve always enjoyed holidays, but now I try to incorporate those iconic holiday symbols in as tactful a way as possible. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

As it pertains to St. Patrick’s Day, I couldn’t bring myself to buy shamrock table linens, but I did embrace the iconic Irish/St. Patrick’s Day symbols with a few key elements.

Table Décor: The dining room table runner and napkins were a Moss Green paisley pattern. The pattern was rather busy so felt that our simple basket-weave casual dishes were the appropriate choice for dinnerware. To add a little Irish fun, I put beer mugs instead of wine glasses on the table and stocked the fridge with Irish stout.

Centerpiece: The centerpiece was fairly simple and straight-forward. I bought a large Shamrock plant, put it in a white flower pot and placed votive candles down the runner.

Growing up, there was an old Irish neighbor down the street who became, for lack of a better term, a third grandfather to me. He passed away several years ago, but I still think of him often, especially around St. Patty’s Day. He taught me a song as a young girl, which was nothing more than an Irish Blessing put to a tune. And whenever St. Patrick’s Day nears, I find myself singing it. I have always thought the blessing had a beautiful sentiment, one to be shared with friends. Not having much time to design the blessing myself (remember I was stuck at the airport), I found this old Irish Blessing artfully designed online. I printed out four copies, Mod-Podged them to some oak tag to give it a heavier weight and tied them on the planter.

In case the picture isn't clear, the blessing reads:

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall soft upon your fields,
And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Party Favors/Place Cards: I wanted our dinner guests to have party favors, so combined the seating card with the party favors. While I loved the idea of the favor box/place card, I didn’t like the idea of a boring white box. So using tissue paper and Mod-Podge, I transformed these boxes from boring white to a pale green.

Mr. Stranded and I made sugar cookies and decorated them with Royal Icing.

We placed three cookies in small boxes with a cut-out window. Each cookie had a different pattern, but the top cookie in the box had the first initial of the dinner guest. The favor boxes were placed on each guests’ place setting. Luckily, everyone had a different initial!

I found a ribbon that had all three greens of the cookies, shamrock centerpiece and table linens. I used this ribbon to wrap the box, and wanted a hang tag to go along with it. I had intended to design a tag myself, but having run out of time due to my cancelled flight, I was lucky enough (I really didn’t intend that pun) to have found these fantastic tags from I reduced the size, printed them out, Mod-Podged them to oak tag for a heavier weight, and using a 1-1/2” round circle punch, punched them out and tied them to the favor boxes.

Lastly, to ensure the Hors D’oeuvres table had a touch of Irish fun, I bought some green and white stripped paper napkins and put a cluster of green poms in a small bud vase.

Mr. Stranded and I had a wonderful time with our friends at our first St. Patrick’s Day party. It won’t be our last!


The Seasonal Family said... [Reply]

I absolutely LOVE your table decor! You are very creative!

Sabrina said... [Reply]

I have to ask you how you managed to center your cookie in the box without it sliding around.The cookie looks smaller than the box.

I'm doing that myself, but trying to figure out how to get it to not slide around.


Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Sabrina There were four cookies in each box, so there wasn't much wiggle room top to botton, nor left to right. The cookies fit perfectly in the box at an angle. There was maybe a 1/8" space, so I didn't really face that problem.