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Easter is approaching and I figured I'd get a head start on our Easter Dinner Party coming up.  Some years ago, my best friend and I traveled to Switzerland together and spent Easter Sunday in the beautiful city of Lugano.  It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining, people were laughing, eating, and walking along the shore.  There were some merchants selling decorated Easter eggs.  Some were painted, some were decoupaged, some were etched...but each one was special and unique.  I bought a few and display them each year at Easter.

Each time I look at my Swiss Easter eggs, I remember fondly the wonderful Easter I spent with my friend and am flooded with happy memories.  (I know I sound sappy, but seriously, it was great trip!)  I thought it would be nice to make decoupaged Easter eggs for our friends joining us this year for Easter Dinner.  Hopefully, it will bring them happy memories in years to come.

I've been seeing various decoupaged Easter eggs online and in stores and thought, "Why can't I do that?"  Turns out, I could!

I gathered various extra napkins and tissue paper from prior dinner parties and had myself a nice selection to choose from:

After a couple hours of work, here is the end result:

It was a cold weekend in Cleveland and a great indoor project.  Mr. Stranded insisted there be some non-girlie options for our male guests.  If nothing else, we had fun doing them!  I keep wondering when Mr. Stranded is going to lose interest in helping me with my various projects.  So far, so good!  My favorite eggs are the patch-work egg on the top and the "Lily Pulitzer" egg at the front left.

It would have broken my heart to waste all of those eggs, so I blew them into a bowl and made us a wonderful frittata.  I figured the germs would die during the cooking process, although I wouldn't be inclined to serve this to anyone else.  I'm sure my siblings are laughing right now.  Sometimes I'm more like my mom than I realize!

Decoupage Easter Egg Instructions

1. Wash egg shells well with soap and water.  Dry with a paper towel.  Using the tip of a knife, gently twist it into the top portion of the egg shell.  Once a small hole forms, use either a thin nail, needle or thumb tack (sterilize first) to enlarge the hole slightly.  To do this, poke at the perimeter of the original hole, essentially making more small holes to create one larger hole.  Flip egg over and do the same on the bottom of the egg. 
2. Once holes have been made, insert the nail, needle or pin as far into the hole as you can to puncture the yolk and sac.  This will help to blow out the insides.
3.  Place the larger hole downwards towards the sink or a bowl.  You can either blow directly into the hole or use various instruments such as a egg syringe or pastry bag tip to help with this process.  Keep blowing until all of the egg insides are out and you're left with just the shell.
4. Blow water into the shell to rinse out any remnants.  Place egg shell in a carton and allow to dry.
5. Once eggs are dry, peel napkins layers apart.  You only one 1-ply.  Cut out small pieces of napkin, about 1/2" in size.  Lightly paint some Mod Podge onto the egg shell and place piece of napkin on top.  Smooth out with your finger.  Cover the entire egg like this, cutting out smaller pieces to fill small areas.  This is a free-style sort of project, so you can't go wrong with your placement.
6.  Allow glue to dry.  Once glue has dried, cut ribbon, about 2" in length.  Form a loop and knot towards the bottom, so a hanging loop is formed.
7.  Using the nail, needle or pin, push the loose ribbon below the knot/loop into the hole.  Yes, I know that sounds impossible, but trust me, it's pretty easy.
8.  Use glue gun to glue the knot to the egg shell.  Allow eggs to dry completely.

Viola!  The eggs are done and ready to be displayed or given away.


Miss T said... [Reply]

ok, ok. Now you are getting too bloody organised! I cant keep up! they are so so cute!
(Im so focused on my birthday, ive lost touch with Easter - terribly unchristian of me)
Stunners. I should send you some Greek Easter Egg food dye. Its in abundance here, like daffodils in spring!
Miss T

Lalla said... [Reply]

They looks beautiful! Love them hanging on the pussy willows 'tree'. Can you come to my home and do them for me? Or better still can you mail me a bunch?