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One of my friends had a baby shower this past weekend.  With twins on the way, I figured the most practical gift was a gift card so she could buy whatever she wanted.  But due to my love of books, I couldn't resist giving her a basket of books as well (this post isn't about the gift.)

I was shipping the basket of books so wanted to ensure the books didn't go flying all over the place.  I used some of that plastic wrap that molds to the object when heated with a blow dryer.  This stuff is amazing! 

 Anyway, what the post is about is the bow.  My friend LOVES pink and green.  She dresses in pink and green, her wedding was pink and green themed, and now the nursery will be pink and green.  For whatever reason, I saved the ribbons from her wedding and used them to make the bow for her baby shower gift.

This project is way EASY!  I followed the Bow Tutorial from 7 Layer Studio.

I wanted to use the ribbons from her wedding and make it as big as possible, so I did not follow the instructions/dimensions exactly.  I think if I had, it would have been really cute.  But for my purposes, it was good enough.  Hmmmm.....maybe making barrets for my youngest nieces is up next....


Nicole said... [Reply]

I never knew you were so crafty!