Easter Table Décor | Birdcage and Egg Cups Centerpiece | Spring Table Décor

As you may remember from prior posts, I'm not gimmicky when it comes to decorating for the holidays.  But I still try hard to incorporate a few iconic holiday symbols as tactfully as possible.  I did a mix of Easter and Spring-themed decor to keep things festive, but also elegant.

Table Décor/Place Setting: The dinnerware used was a floral, romantic set perfect for Spring.  The pattern is called Royal Kent Poland "Bavarian Rose."  It has a white base, embossed edge, and painted pink, blue, purple and yellow flowers.  (Click here to read a funny story about this dinnerware set.) 

I selected a sterling silver floral flatware set (purchased for a total of $20 at a moving sale - incredible!!) called Lenox Bromley.  It is the same pattern as Oneida DuMaurier.

For the table linen, I chose a white eyelet tablecloth with a rose pattern.  When extended, our antique dining room table is very long, but narrow.  Standard tablecloths are wider than our table will allow.  In actuality, the tablecloth used was a large curtain panel

Centerpiece: Keeping with the Spring concept, I placed Ranunculus flowers in vintage perfume bottles and set them inside a birdcage purchased for $8 at Homegoods.  I feel strongly that a centerpiece should never be higher than the eye-level of a seated person.  The bird cage measured 6" w x 14" t and was low enough to accommodate even a petite guest.

Running down the length of the table were white egg cups filled with hot pink, light pink and light purple stock - the same colors as the flowers on the dinnerware.  To make these, fit each egg cup with a piece of Flora Foam.  Drop the flora foam into some water and wait for it to submerge naturally.  Place Flora Foam back into the egg cup.  Insert enough stock to cover sufficiently.

Here is the overall look of the centerpiece and table (click picture to enlarge):

Party Favors/Place Cards: The combination of party favors and place cards worked so well for our last party, I decided to try again this time around.  I created monogrammed paper boxes with a feminine and masculine designed place card (instructions here):
The boxes were filled with a decoupaged egg (instructions here),

homemade bunny s'mores (recipe here),

artificial grass and Cadbury mini-eggs.  A look at the final favor boxes:

Lastly, to ensure the Hors D'oeuvre Table was Springish, I put some of the pink and purple stock in a crystal vase, pink and green paper napkins, and lastly, some botanical canape dishes from Horchow.

If you'd like to see our Easter Menu, click here.

We all had such a fantastic night.  This Easter Dinner Party was great fun from the planning down to the last bite.  And while we were enjoying ourselves, we already started planning our next dinner party - Cinco de Mayo!  Come back and join us for our next party.  Until then, a wonderful and blessed Easter to you.