Monogrammed Paper Boxes | DIY | Paper Box Instructions

Making paper boxes is an easy, quick and inexpensive craft.  You can make these any size you want; just cut the appropriate sized scrapbook paper to start.  The inside and outside pattern do not need to be the same.  Use two different patterns for a little extra pop.  I bought 10 sheets of paper at Joann for $2.  They often have sales.

Instructions for box assembly and personalized tag templates are below.

DIY Square Paper Box Instructions
What You'll Need:
2 sheets of appropriately cut scrapbook paper per box
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
1/8" Hole Punch
Double-Sided Tape
Double-Sided Foam Tape or Squares
1-1/2" fluted scalloped craft punch

 1. Measure out the appropriate sized scrapbook paper for your project.  I used 6-1/4" x 6-1/4" for my project.
 2. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back of one sheet of scrapbook paper.
 3.  Apply second sheet on top.  Using a ruler, smooth out any bubbles.  Allow to dry.
 4. Measure the appropriate "wall" you'd like for your box.  I used 1-1/2" inches for mine.  Make a small marking.
 5. Fold up wall where marking was made.  Repeat with all four sides.
 6a. Fold up all sides and pinch corner together so that a triangle forms on the inside.  See below.
 6b. Here is a photo of the inside triangle flap formed.
 6c.  Here is a close-up photo of how the outside should now look.
 7. Fold flap against one of the walls.  Be consistent so that two walls will have the flaps and two will not.
 8. Using a hole punch, punch a small hole around the corners of the box so that a ribbon can be woven through.  Make sure to punch through flaps as well.
 9. Measure and cut four pieces of equal length ribbon.  I used 4" for my box.
10. Insert ribbon and tie a bow or knot. 
 11. Using four small pieces of double-sided tape, tape down the flaps.
 12a. Your box is now finished if you don't want to personalize.
 12b. Here is an example where the inside paper is different from the outside paper.
 13a. To personalize the box, print personalized tag (template here for feminine and masculine tags) and punch out using a 1-1/2" oval, scalloped craft punch.  Affix to box using double-sided foam tape or squares.

13b.  Masculine tag - I did not have a non-fluted craft punch, although I think the masculine version would look better with just a regular oval craft punch.

NOTE: I used Bickham Swash for feminine font and Copperplate Gothic Bold for masculine font.  It looks like the fonts are not transferring, so
                                                                      choose any font you'd like and center
                                                                      within the white space.
14. Fill boxes as desired and enjoy!


Lalla said... [Reply]

I love your arts and crafts! They are so beautiful and personal. Although you say it's easy, and seem to have so much fun doing them, I'd be nerve wracking for me. Keep them coming. I may not do them, but I do enjoy seeing the new things you come up with.