Smoked Salmon Canapés | Recipe | Hors D'oeuvre

Smoked salmon always makes an elegant hors d'oeuvre.  These canapés make eating smoked salmon easier than ever.  Just pop one in your mouth and enjoy.  Best if made the same day it will be served.

Smoked Salmon Canapé Recipe
Yields: 12 canapés

4 oz smoked salmon, cut into 12 1"x2" pieces
4 oz cream cheese
2 Tbsp red onion, diced + more for garnish
1 Tbsp capers + more for garnish
12 slices multi-grain bread

1. Using a 2-1/4" biscuit cutter, cut bread slice into rounds.
2. Mix together cream cheese, onion and 1 Tbsp capers.  Spread some cheese mixture over each bread round. Roll the salmon into spirals.  Garnish with additional capers and red onion.  Arrange on a platter and serve.