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I love our formal dinnerware more than I can adequately articulate.  It's classic, it's simple, it's elegant...I love it.  But the problem with our formalware is that it needs to be hand washed.  I can't ask Mr. Stranded to stay up helping me hand wash dishes on a Sunday night.  The poor guy gets up really early for work and he's too nice to leave it for me to wash by myself while he goes to bed.

So I decided to buy a new dinnerware set for Easter that I could put in the dishwasher on the China cycle.  Admittedly, I have issues.  I love a nice table, what can I say?  I searched high and low and found a beautiful set on ebay.  The set is flowery and ornate, more romantic than my usual taste.  But I thought it was Spring-ish, Easter-y and perfect for this time of year.  Pretty right?


Did I mention that 70% of the dishes arrived shattered?

Come on, people.  Use styrofoam popcorn when wrapping plates or at the very least, a double-layer of bubble wrap between plates, not just the top of the box.  You know what else I loved, this teeny tiny little "Fragile" marking.  No markings on the side.  No bright red marker calling out to someone's attention.  Just that little stamp.

So I think we'll be using our boring white basketweave dishes.  I normally like them because they're simple and classic, but I was picturing a beautiful Easter table with my new dishes.  I know, I know....I can faintly hear the world's smallest violin playing for me...

UPDATE: I was reimbursed for the dishes since many of the pieces arrived broken and applied that money to buy enough replacement pieces for our dinner party.  Best of all, I posted the broken dishes on ebay under "Crafts and Mosaics Materials" - and someone bought them!  Just goes to show you can find - and sell - anything on ebay.


Miss T said... [Reply]

Oh. My. Goodness. That is devestating! I am playing my violin for you! a big one!
I'll be using my Noritake china for Easter - it needs handwashing, but because I use it so rarely and its so precious I wouldnt put it in the dishwasher even if I could. It has silver detail on it - beautiful.
Your basket weave china is far from boring. Its classic.
I hope you are as excited for Easter as I am
Miss T

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

Miss T - your dinnerware sounds beautiful! I hope to see it on your blog soon. I'm very excited for Easter! We're celebrating Easter twice this year - one on Palm Sunday with our friends and one on Easter Sunday with our family back home. Twice the food, twice the fun!

Humpty Dumpty said... [Reply]

Yikes! Were you refunded? It appears that similarly to the king's men, you were not able to put this all together again?