Cinco de Mayo Table Décor | Terracotta Centerpiece | Mexican Table Décor

Mr. Stranded made the Cinco de Mayo party planning interesting.  He challenged me to a budget (excluding food) of $50 - challenge accepted!  I hit up a few key places, including my basement, the Dollar Store, and a very helpful friend. 

Here's how it all played out:

Place Setting: My tastes are normally very traditional and classic.  When looking at my plates, I realized...they're all white.  Our formal china is white with a platinum band, our everyday dishes are white basketweave and the various other random dish sets that we have (yes, I've collected five thus far) are all white with some type of pattern on them.  Therefore, I was ecstatic to find colorful orange and yellow ceramic dishes at the Dollar Store!  And I scored huge finding some margarita glasses there as well. 

Table linens were a bit tougher.  I wanted bright pinkish-raspberry colored placemats and napkins.  Using a coupon, I was able to buy round braided raspberry placemats with raspberry and orange striped napkins.  I folded the napkins into what's known as a Mexican Fan.  I couldn't resist!

Centerpiece: I blew most of my budget on the place settings, so I didn't have much left for the centerpiece.  I found an old terracotta planter in my home office with a sad looking, dying plant in it.  I tossed the plant and potted some pretty pink carnations and orange/yellow geraniums.  For a measly $0.75, I bought terracotta pot coasters, added some pillar candles, and flanked them on either side of the planter.  Total cost for the centerpiece: $10.

Place Cards: With no money left in my budget, I needed to get creative with the placecards.  So I designed a lime wedge place card, printed it, cut a slit in it and stuck it on the margarita glasses.  Easy, inexpensive - and if you ask me, cute!!

Taco Bar/Buffet Table:  Mexican Food equals long tables with lots of food.  We set up two folding tables, put the Taco Bar on one table and the side dishes on the other.  My friend brought two white matching tablecloths that fit percectly on the folding tables, I dug up a Mexican-looking tablecloth my brother gave me years ago, a large terracotta urn, over-sized colorful coffee mugs which held some flowers, and some fresh veggies.  What I forgot to photograph were the colorful paper flags we created and drapped along the tables.  If you'd like to see our Cinco de Mayo menu, click here

Hors D'Oeuvre Table: The Hors D'Oeuvre table was another save from my friend.  She supplied the wonderful cute red plates and yellow terracotta pitcher with flowers from her house.  As for the tablecloth?  It was a hand-me-down from my aunt many years ago.  Isn't it a great pattern? 

Lastly, for one last touch, I used a rock as a napkin weight.

So, who won the challenge?  Mr. Stranded by $11.  It was the terracotta urn on the Taco Bar/Buffet Table that put me over.  Wasn't it worth it, though?


Linz said... [Reply]

I LOVE the place settings! I'm in awe of your creativity!