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This recipe comes all the way from Melbourne, Australia from the fabulous Miss T.  If you don't already know Miss T, I suggest you fix that.  She is incredibly talented and has a creative eye.  Her blog, The Pink Leopard, features stunning recipes, amazing photos and hilarious posts.  She's my comedic fix for the day.  And to boot, she's lovely!  Check out The Pink Leopard (click here), but before you do, make sure you're somewhere where you can laugh out loud!

Miss T was kind enough to let me share this recipe with you.  The chorizo is really what makes these special.  As we were making this recipe, my friend sliced one piece for the recipe, one for us to eat.  One for the recipe, one for us to eat.  Yum, yum and yum.

Miss T gave me some wonderful suggestions, including creaming the avocado and adding salsa, which we did.  The end result - oh-so-good!  As a friend popped the third one into her mouth, she proclaimed, "Thanks, Miss T!"  There were zero left over.

My picture is rather sad and pathetic looking.  Click here to see Miss T's original posting and the stunning pictures to go with it. 

Individual Nachos Recipe
Yields: approx 16 nacho bites

16 Tortilla chips
16 slices cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese
1 chorizo sliced diagonally into 16 slices
1 avocado, creamed
1 tsp lime juice
cilantro leaves for garnish
black pepper

1. Fry the chorizo slices over a grill pan; set aside.
2. Place cheese onto tortilla chips and grill until melted.
3. Mix together avocado and lime juice to prevent avocado from browning.
4. Stack as follows: tortilla chip with melted cheese, chorizo slice, a spoonful of avocado, a bit of salsa and cilantro leaves.  Crack some black pepper on top.

Source: The Pink Leopard (click here)


Tracy Wood said... [Reply]

How fun to have individual nachos! Mine usually looks like a huge mountain of chips and cheese! I follow Miss T's blog and I agree with you - excellent reading! In fact, I believe I found you through her blog! (or vice versa??)

Sara Louise said... [Reply]

I'm soooo excited about this recipe because I have some chorizo in the fridge! Now I just have to find some cheese (no Monterrey Jack in France) and I'm all set. It looks delicious.
And I love Miss T too! :-)

Medifast Coupons said... [Reply]

Great snack idea!
And I followed your link over to the Pink Leopard, she is awesome, great reads.

Miss T said... [Reply]

How tremendously awesome are you - and the nachos look ah-mazing! Birthday celebrations are slowly coming to a halt so I will be back on the blogging horse in no time!
T xx