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I'm sorry I haven't posted much this week nor had a chance to check out anyone else's posts.  I was traveling on business and my meetings were stacked back-to-back from the second I woke up until I plopped myself into bed each night.  I returned home late last night and fell asleep almost instantaneously.  And even this morning, my eyes are burning.  I don't wear glasses nor contacts - it's from pure exhaustion.

But I'm mustering up enough energy to share with you my DIY coaster project from last week.  I will be back in full-swing blogging mode soon!

Last weekend, our wonderful friends, Mr. and Mrs. H, invited us over for dinner.  This is the same friend who helped me with the Front Yard Transformation and Cinco de Mayo Party.  They're not big wine drinkers, so I wanted to bring something in addition to flowers.

I happened to come across some damask, monogrammed paper napkins and thought, "How cute would these be as monogrammed coasters?" 

Mod Podge coasters is certainly not a new idea, but it's new to me!  This project could not have been easier. 

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but Mr. Stranded is usually skeptical of my projects.  He can't visualize the finished product and initially thinks it's a horrible idea.  But, back to Fact 2 about myself from this post, he just goes with it now.  When the coasters were dried and ready for use, Mr. Stranded said, "Those were pretty easy to make, huh?  Can you make some for us?"  I love it when he finally comes around!!

Don't these make a cute hostess gift? 

DIY Paper Napkin Coasters Instructions

Materials Needed:
Crafting Tablecloth
Paper napkins
4x4 tiles
Outdoor Mod Podge
Foam paint brush
Fine-Medium Grit Sand Paper
Clear Lacquer
Felt or thin cork, cut into 3-3/4" squares
Heavy-duty Glue, such as Spray Craft Glue

Lay down some sort of protective covering, such as a vinyl tablecloth, on your work surface. 

Separate any paper layers so that only one layer remains. 

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the tile and around the edges.  The tile should be tacky to the touch only.  It should not have a visible layer of glue.
Lay napkin over tile.  When satisfied with the positioning, run your finger over the surface and sides to adhere napkin to the tile. 

Allow 20-30 minutes to dry.  Wash glue off foam brush.  Squeeze dry with a paper towel.

Tear off any excess paper.  Tear in a downwards motion, pushing paper under the tile. 
Using some Fine to Medium grit sand-paper, sand the edges for a clean looking finish. 
Apply a thin layer of clear lacquer to sides first, then top.  

Allow 1 hour to dry before applying the next layer.  A total of five layers is needed to waterproof.

Once all layers have been applied, wait 24 hours before continuing.
Turn tiles over and spray the back surface completely with craft bond glue. 

Place felt on tile and press felt firmly onto tile to adhere.

Flip right-side-up and allow glue to dry 5 minutes.

You now have a set of monogrammed coasters.  Enjoy!

Paper napkins: $1 (on-sale at Marshall's)
4x4 tiles: $0.31 each (Home Depot)
Felt or thin cork, cut into 3-3/4" squares: $0.13 (Wal-mart)
All other materials I already owned


Adrienne said... [Reply]

What a fabulous idea! I think this is a craft I could actually do myself (I am not crafty at all). I will have to look for some cute napkins and attempt this project over the summer.

I am glad you are back....was wondering where you were :)

Linz said... [Reply]

LOVE these!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Linz Now that I know you like them, you may just get a set the next time I visit ;)

Miss T said... [Reply]

oh you nifty minx! I love those! (my comments are fixed - yay!!!)
T x

Nicole said... [Reply]

I LOVE this idea!

montanawildflower said... [Reply]

From Mrs H herself, these are even cuter in person!! I absolutely LOVE them!!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@montanawildflower Horray! I'm so glad.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

This is fabulous! I am anxiously awaiting an opportunity to make this for someone! On another note, what is your secret to finding good estate sales? I'm dying to put a few on my calendar but I've never before sought one out. Tips/hints/go-to estate sale listing site?
(If you don't mind, leave a comment somewhere on my blog, or email me, so that if I get swallowed by "life" and forget to come back and check I'll still get your response!) Many, many thanks in advance.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Sarah These were really fun and easy to make! I want to make some for myself!! I'll shoot you over an email on estate sales, but in case anyone is reading the comments, sign up for e-mail updates at Also, check your local newspaper's Classified Ads. One major tip - before you head out, look up the house on Google Maps Street View. If the house looks like it's about to fall down, it probably doesn't have much and isn't worth your time. Good luck!

Gina said... [Reply]

This is a fantastic idea, will have to be on the lookout for some napkins, glad all is well and you are busy. That is the way I like to be too!

Liz Hough said... [Reply]

I bought the tile but it has a glossy finish (like you would find in a tube/bathroom) is this the right kind? I want to be sure before I start the process tomorrow. Thanks!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Liz Hough Sorry for not responding sooner. It was a little crazy with the holidays. Those tiles should work just fine. Good luck!