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Last week I was awarded my very first blog award, "The Versatile Blogger Award," by Shana at Creating My Sanctuary.  Thanks, Shana!  What a nice surprise! 

I've been told there are a few rules to accepting this award:

1. Thank the person who awarded you (well, that's just good manners!)
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 discovered bloggers

So here we go...

7 Things About Me (completely random facts):

1. I sneeze in 3s and 4s.  Never 1s or 2s.  I don't know why.  It's been that way my entire life. 

2. Once I have a project in mind, there's no stopping me.  Mr. Stranded has learned it's much easier to help me than try to dissuade me.

3. I'm a very social person.  If there's a get-together - count me in!  I'm always up for a good time.

4. Coming from a large family, I relish the sound of laughter and lots of conversations occurring at once.  Polite, quiet dinners, while lovely, make me a tad uncomfortable.

5. I'm slightly neurotic.  When we were first married, Mr. Stranded would wake up on weekend mornings to find me washing the baseboards, polishing silver or doing some other task he found pointless.  I've gotten much better and have learned that weekends are meant for sleeping in...well, at least until 8am.

6. Shockingly, I've never had stitches or broken any bones (knock on wood.) 

7. On certain Saturday mornings, I tutor inner-city high school students.  While I'll help out wherever there's a need, my favorite subject is Algebra.

Awarding Discovered Blogs 

Awarding 15 bloggers and asking them to do the same feels almost like "blogging chain-mail," so I am breaking that rule.  Instead, I'm recognizing and awarding 7 fabulous blogs, in no particular order.  If these wonderful bloggers would like to pass it on, fantastic!  But they should not feel obligated.


Adrienne said... [Reply]

Thank you for the award!

I always sneeze 2 to 4 times. Never once. And I've never broken a bone either. I hope we aren't jinxing ourselves!

How admirable and giving of you to offer your algebra skills to kids. Very selfless.

Thank you again for thinking of me. I will work on getting my award up this week.

Tracy Wood said... [Reply]

Thank you so much for the lovely award! I will display it proudly (and link back to your great site!) Seven interesting things about me?! I will have to work on that! ha ha :)

Miss T said... [Reply]

How tremendous! You are a star. I only ever sneeze once. Boring.

Cooking with K said... [Reply]

Thank you for the lovely are such a sweetie! Blessings, K

Shana said... [Reply]

I'm glad you broke that last rule... I felt it was kind of a chain-mail tactic also...but I was too wimpy to break the!

Hines-Sight said... [Reply]

I'm now following you from my Rich Life on a Budget. Your blog is so refreshing. I love your ideas. You must be so talented, and a wonderful cook.

I"m admiring your beautiful photo collages for your menu planning. I want to learn to do that. I'm not very tech savvy, and have had to learn all the technical stuff along the way.

I look forward to more posts.
Hines-Sight Blog

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Hines-Sight Leigh, I'm so delighted to see you've become a follower! Thank you for all your nice compliments. The photo collague is really quite simple to make. I'd be happy to walk you through it if you're interested. You can email me at mrsstranded(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll email you some instructions.

Linz said... [Reply]

you? neurotic? ;) congrats on your award!! your blog is great! p.s. molly sneezes in 3's too :)