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Our house is an delightful, old, brick colonial.  I'm not sure when it was built, but there are some interesting features that I absolutely love...

...such as our mailbox slot that allows the mail to be delivered directly into our house so we don't have to go outdoors during the freezing Cleveland winters,

...and a laundry shoot that delivers dirty laundry from all floors to the foot of the washing machine (and also functions as an "intercom system" when Mr. S and I want to communicate with each other from different floors)...

 (I don't normally leave laundry sticking out like this.  But wanted you to get the idea.)

...and the old milk delivery box that, similar to the mail slot, has an opening on the outside and the inside.  It's a great spot to store our outdoor supplies such as our grilling utensils, Clorex wipes for our patio table, citranella candles, etc. 

Despite the house's many unique features, there are a few headscratchers.  Like, what were they thinking when they built the garage 20 yards behind the house.  It's too cold to go outside to get the mail, but let's walk through three feet of snow to get to the car.  Detached garages are pretty common in Cleveland - go figure!

The house is the perfect size for us now, allowing both of us to have our own offices and enough extra bedrooms for guests.  But once our family starts to grow (no, not yet), it'll be time for us to move to something larger (and with a to-die-for kitchen!)  Therefore, we're not inclined to spend much money on upgrades for this house.  We've done what we can to make it ours, but in a economical manner. 

Which brings us to our latest project.  And as with many of my posts, we need to back up a little.  Since our house is one of the older homes in Cleveland, it's apparent that people tried to update certain rooms over the years, which to me is a shame.  I'm a sucker for antique and vintage.  At some point, someone must have loved wallpaper.  Remember the powder room make-over?  Well, there was wallpaper in all of the bathrooms and the kitchen.  I think wallpaper can look lovely and elegant, especially in certain formal rooms, such as dining rooms.  But the wallpaper in our house wasn't quite our taste. 

I didn't take many "pre" pictures because I wasn't blogging back then.  But, the bathroom had dark brownish-green walls with some type of wallpaper border.  When we removed the wallpaper and re-painted the walls, suddenly I could see the wonderful features the bathroom did have to offer: beautiful marble floor tiles and window sill, a  granite sink base, Kohler fixtures, and charming white subway-tiled walls about three-quarters high. 

What still bothered me, however, was the brown, boring, laminate-type bathroom vanity cabinet. And each time I walked into this bathroom over the past two years, I would look at the cabinet and think, "You are SO boring."

As much as I wanted to throw it out and replace it with a pedastal sink, it does provide some storage space in the bathroom.  So, I decided to give it a face lift.  After sanding, priming, painting and attaching, here's the new cabinet:

It's amazing how a coat of paint and a few knobs can make such a difference! 

I'm not ready for a full bathroom reveal yet.  That will come later.  I still have a few more touches including the medicine cabinet and light fixture to tackle.  Mr. Stranded is holding out, but I'm sure he'll come around soon!


montanawildflower said... [Reply]

Such an improvement but I think some antiquing would make it look even cuter.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@montanawildflower I completely agree. Wanna help me one day next week? Cocktails on me ;)

Hines-Sight said... [Reply]

Love the charm of your home. Great work on the cabinet. I admire people who have your talents.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Hines-Sight Thanks! In all honesty, I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I'm learning as I go along. Some people would call their first house their "Starter House." I call this house our "Trial-and-Error House!"

Jen-uinely Inspired said... [Reply]

Great make-over. I like the white much better. And I have that same soap dispenser in our guest bath. How funny!

Sarah said... [Reply]

OH MY GOODNESS! I have the same type of mail slot and the design has always puzzled me. It never occurred to me that it was because of the cold weather. Genius! (I didn't grow up where I currently live, so I suppose I'll cut myself some slack.) Thanks for the "you learn something new everyday" moment. Oh, and do you find that, because of the design, you know your mailman (or woman) better than most? Ours is just fabulous -- the socialite of our neighborhood!!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Sarah YES!! When I first moved to Cleveland, I joked that our mailman was my best friend. He's totally the socialite f the neighborhood! Everyone always stops their cars to chat with him, he remembers everyone's names and small, trivial facts about them. Totally "heart" my mailman!