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I love books and am constantly reading.  I keep up on when new books are releasing, latest book trends, emerging new authors and own more books than have room to store them.  When I started my blog, I was only going to post recipes, entertaining decor, crafting and decorating.  I didn't want to become a "Random Thought of the Day" blog.  I wanted to keep it focused.  Well, my little blog is evolving.  I'm still not going to tell you my random thoughts (trust me, you'll thank me!), but I am going to share book reviews on occasion.

And I'm kicking things off with I Am Number Four, by Pittacus Lore (a pen name.)

Last summer, Mr. Stranded and I traveled 32 hours from Cleveland to Cape Town.  I had heard phenomenal things about a new YA book that had just been published by HarperCollins called I Am Number Four.

It is part adventure, part suspense, part romance and part sci-fi.  Combined, it's marvelous!  While the rest of the passengers on the 16 hour flight from Atlanto to Johannesburg slept, I was that annoying person with my little reading light on until the book was finished.  I simply couldn't put it down! 

Normally, I am not a sci-fi kind of girl.  But if you can get past the sci-fi part and understand the premise of the book, it's a great read.  While there are some sci-fi elements, the action is planted firmly in our world and takes place in a small town in Ohio.

It's about a teenager boy, John, who looks like a normal boy, but is really an alien from the planet Lorien.  His planet was destroyed by evil aliens from the planet Mogadore. 

Nine young children were saved from Lorien and were shipped to earth, John being one of them.  Each of the children has special powers that develop as they become older.  The nine are separated for protection so that the Mogadores can't find them, giving the nine kids time to develop their powers.  The children are now teenagers and their powers are becoming stronger.

Each of the Lorien children have a number assigned to them.  And they can only be killed in order.  The first three are dead.  John is Number Four.  As the Mogadores seek to find and kill John, John and his protector, Henri, move from place to place hoping to stay one step ahead.

The Mogadores eventually catch up with John and with the help of his friends, John tries to defend against the Mogadores.  John now knows that he must find the other five Lorien teenagers and combine forces with them to defeat the Mogadores once and for all.

This is a four book series and I can not wait for Book #2, The Power of Six, to release this August.

I'm sure you've seen the movie trailer for I Am Number Four, if you havn't already seen the movie itself.  I just recently watched the movie, which sparked me to write the review.  The movie was enjoyable, but I can tell you the book is MUCH better.  Isn't that always the case, though?

If you do read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  This book is a perfect beach read.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Adrienne said... [Reply]

Looks interesting. My summer reading stack keeps getting bigger and bigger! I'll have to get in the queue for this book at my library...if it's a popular YA, there'll be a long waiting list.
I like to see your recipes and entertaining tips, but I also like the estate sale finds, exercise posts and now the book posts too! Variety is the spice of life!

Tracy Wood said... [Reply]

I teach 8th grade Language Arts, so I love reading Young Adult lit.... But in the summer I read for myself - I just finished "Freakonomics" and will start "SuperFreakonomics" tonight.... Really fun and super interesting!

Sara Louise said... [Reply]

I'm always looking out for new books and this one sounds intriguing. Any recommendation that comes with "I couldn't put it down' works for me!
(and I'm usually that annoying reading light person on the plane too!)

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Adrienne It's definitely popular YA. Last August, it was brand-spanking new. But now, there's a tremendous amount of buzz around this series. I hope you can get it at the library!

Tracy - Wow! That's fantastic that you teach 8th Grade Language Arts. You must be a YA lit expert by now! I read Freakonomics a few years back and found it fascinating. I have SuperFreakonomics in my "To Read" pile. Maybe I'll pick it up this September. I'm currently reading "Tales of the City" by Armistead Maupin and it's wonderful so far.

Sara - I like to read YA lit on the beach or when I'm traveling. I breeze right through them. They're always fun, easy reads. I have "Summer in the City," the Candance Bushnell Sex in the City pre-quel of Carrie as a teenage girl, lined up for my beach vacation coming up. It's the second book in that series. And then "The Power of Six" in August! I can't wait!

Fresh Garden said... [Reply]

After I finished reading this book, I couldn't help but kept thinking that I was the real Number Four for at least 24 hours.....

Jen-uinely Inspired said... [Reply]

Sounds interesting! I will have to add it to my reading list. Have you read The Hunger Game series? Another great YA book! I look forward to your book review posts :)

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Fresh Garden Too funny!

Jenny - I haven't read the Hunger Games series, but it's in my pile. I bought Mockingjay when our local Borders went out of business. (Two major book stores shut down in our area - Borders and Joseph-Beth Booksellers. I'm pretty bummed about this.) Anyway, now I need to buy the first two books! I have a friend who was listening to Hunger Games on CD and drove into her garage door because she was so focused on the story!