Insanity Saturday Update | Random | Week 2 Review

I did it!  I completed Week 2. 

I have to admit my heart was not in it this week.  I blame it on the lack of sleep.  Our little old house has central air, but it's not that strong in our bedroom.  So even if the a/c is on, it's frigid downstairs and we're still sweltering upstairs.  It's resulted in a lot of tossing, turning, huffing, puffing and pillow punching.  Towards the end of the week we finally resigned ourselves to sleep on the pull-out sofa in the living room.  The mattress was uncomfortable, but at least we were cool.  I don't remember it like this in previous summers!  Lucky for us, my parents just gave us a window unit that wasn't being used.  Thank you!  Hopefully we'll be sleeping better tonight.

Despite the lack of sleep, I soldiered on and completed Week 2.

  • I can feel myself getting stronger and more flexible.  My stamina is improving in areas I simply couldn't do last week.
  • Weight and Measurements have not changed, yet at a graduation party yesterday, two people can up to me saying that it looked like I'd lost weight since they had last seen me at Easter.  And they didn't know I was doing Insanity!
  • I thought I'd be ravenous on this plan, but I'm not.  As a matter of fact, I'm hardly ever hungry.  I've been drinking a ton of water, about 3 Nalgenes a day where normally I drink one.  So I'm not sure if the water is making me feel full or the work-out is so intense I've lost my appetite.  I suppose it doesn't matter why.
I have to say, the feedback I've been getting from some of my family has been...bizarre and rather funny.  Top three favorite quotes thus far:
  • When telling a family member how hard it's been finding time to do it 6 days a week but how I'm sticking with it, instead of getting 'Good for you!' or something encouraging, I got, "I don't see why you're doing it.  You said you haven't even lost any weight yet."  Umm....
  • "Your blog makes you sound fat.  You should tell people you're not fat."  Umm.....
  • "I started reading your Insanity post, but it was too long.  I got bored and stopped."  OK......
I gotta love the stuff that comes out of my family's mouth sometimes.  I hung up laughing and had to write them down before I forgot!

I was supposed to get myself some Essie Forget Me Nots nail polish this week as my reward.  Humph!  This work-out is way too hard for just nail polish!  Turns out the shade I picked isn't available anymore anyways.  I bought Essie's Bachelorette Bash a few weeks ago.  It's similar to Forget Me Nots in that it's a hot pink with reddish undertones.  It's basically brand new and should last me the summer.  It will look equally as nice in the sand.


So I've scrapped the nail polish idea.  Mrs. H (she leaves comments under Montana Wildflower if you've ever seen her) and I ran errands together the other night just to get out of the house and catch up (girl time is the best!)  I was on a mission to buy a graduation present.  We were chatting while walking through the store and somehow or other, my incentive plan came up.  Mrs. H stopped suddenly and looked at me very seriously, saying:

"I meant to talk to you about this.  (Pause)  Your incentive plan.  (Pause) It sucks.  Seriously.  You need to step it up.  For all the hard work you're doing, you can't reward yourself with something better than a $2.50 bottle of nail polish?"  Ok..Essie is a little more than $2.50, but I got what she was saying.  And I TOTALLY agree!

I needed a dress that fit for the graduation party, so we stopped in at J. Crew.  I found a cute and flirty knit dress hiding my problem areas (butt and thighs) and accentuating my better areas (bust and waist).  Even if I do eventually lose weight, it will still fit because of the material and cut.  Best of all, it was 50% off and I had a gift card!  I was going to use it on the seersucker bikini, but it turns out the J. Crew in Cleveland doesn't carry swimwear and the closest location that does is Cincinnati.  Gotta love Cleveland!  So with it, I bought my Week 2 reward, a new dress, thus killing two birds with one stone.


Week 2 down.  Seven more to go!


Jen-uinely Inspired said... [Reply]

Congrats on completing week 2! The comments from your family are funny. Family can say the darnedest things sometimes. And I agree with your friend about needing a bigger award than nail polish. Cute dress!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Jen-uinely Inspired Thanks! I wore the dress this weekend and I was cool and comfortable. Knit is definitely the way to go when in between sizes!

Adrienne said... [Reply]

I have lots to say, so I will enumerate them for ease:

1) great job on accomplishing week 2. I am happy to hear that you are at least feeling great, even if the measuring tape isn't delivering.

2) I agree with your friend - time to up your rewards!

3) that dress is gorgeous! I want one, but they are sold out :(

4) I can't sleep in a warm bedroom either. We have a standing fan that I have been turning on lately. It keeps us cool and it drowns out any annoying snores that come from my husband.

5) Funny comments about your blog! I didn't get the impression that you have a weight problem at all - if you can do this Insanity thing, you must be in decent shape to begin with.

6) Your blog is never, ever too long or boring. Ever!

7) I watched about eight episodes of Hot in Cleveland and thought of you. Do you watch it?

That's my two cents, or seven cents rather. xo, A

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Adrienne Thanks! We were in DC this weekend and returned home late last night. The last thing I felt like doing was Insanity, but Mr. S and I pushed through and got it done before going to bed.

You are so sweet with everything else you said! I'm glad SOMEONE doesn't think my posts aren't too long and boring - haha!

I was so excited they had my size in that dress. 50% off, can you believe it?! I wore is with a big leather braided belt and felt like a million bucks.

I like Hot in Cleveland, although Mr. S hates it. I only watch it when he's not around. I laugh because most of the time the characters are walking around in short shorts and skimpy dresses. The reality is, most people walk around in snow suits trying to stay warm! Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you won't find me in a sleeveless shirt in February!

Sara Louise said... [Reply]

Gorgeous dress! And I totally agree with Mrs H, all that hard work definitely deserves more than nail polish, even if it is Essie (my fave brand). Keep up the great work! :-)

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Sara Louise Thanks!! I had wanted to keep the majority of my incentives under $20, but I think certain weeks I may just bump it up a bit :) I needed a dress that fit for the party, so I didn't feel too guilty. This week's incentive is a headband - only $14 but I can't wait to get it!