Insanity Saturday Update | Random | Week 4

I completed Month 1 of Insanity!!!

Barely, though.  I was not feeling well this week, you ladies should understand what I'm saying, and I could not think of anything I would rather do less than Insanity.  In addition, no matter how much I stayed hydrated and stretched, my quads were really tight.  So between those two factors, the work-outs were even less enticing than usual.  Each day was completed from pure will power.  And because this week I was a little more "impatient" than normal, Shaun T's jokes I found outright annoying. 

Shaun T: "Today's work-out is going to get super, super insane and I'm smiling because I love it!"

Me: Shut up, Shaun T.  I didn't buy this program for your commentary or jokes.  Just tell me what exercises I need to do next.

Um, can you tell this was a rough week? 

Despite all that, I feel good.  I'm one of those people who exercises to be healthy, not because I enjoy it.  So I'm happy for getting through a solid month of insane exercising, 6 days a week despite having house guests three of the four weeks, traveling on the weekends and going through a very busy time at work.  So while Shaun T referring to himself in the third person and using improper grammar annoyed me this week, I'm sure we'll be friends again come next week.

  • Measurements (additional inches lost since last week)
    • Hips/Butt - 3/8"
    • Waist - 1/4"
    • Knees - 1/4"
  • Next week is a Recovery Week to prepare us for the significantly more difficult work-outs in Month 2.  I'm scared of Month 2.
  • The muscle definition is back in my stomach.  I don't think there's much work to go before my stomach is back to normal.  With that said, my stomach is not my problem area.
  • My lower body is my problem area.  My legs are not as toned as I'd like and since this program focuses on cardio and quite a bit of lower-body training, I'm surprised I haven't seen greater results.  My hips/butt are definitely getting smaller, but I haven't seen any changes in my thighs.  I feel I have quite a bit to go before I'm back to my ideal size.
  • My appetite is back to normal.  No weird cravings, nothing like that, but I'm interested in eating all my meals again.

I was supposed to buy scissors this week as my reward.  Scissors?  Really?  Back to what Mrs. H said in this post, I can do better than that.

My brothers were in Columbus, OH this weekend (I won't bore you with the back story), and I was 1000% excited to see them.  Due to more reasons I won't bore you with, they couldn't come up to Cleveland, so I was more than willing to drive to them.  We had a fantastic time together and it makes me sad to think we won't be doing this again for a while.  But you know what cheered me up, the outlets near Columbus!

After they caught their flights, I hit up some stores including the Kate Spade outlet.  This week's reward is:

Kate Spade gold, strappy sandals - style: Lover Too.  Part of me wants people to guess how much I paid for these and I even debated putting a poll here.  But I'll just tell you - $40!  Can you believe it?!  The original retail price was $245.  The sales were incredible and I wanted to buy the entire store, but I showed some self-restraint.  We have a few weddings coming up.  I don't know what dress I'll be wearing, but I now know the shoes!

Week 4 down.  Five more to go!


Paula said... [Reply]

shouting back to the coach on television is definitely part of the insanity programme.

I sometimes start to welcome clouds and bushes on my run/walk. Finished week 3 in the Couch 25 k programme.
Sport rules!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Paula Way to go on finishing Week 3! I mentioned above that I don't like excercising. I should say that I don't like excercising indoors. Running outside, hiking, bike riding are activities I enjoy because I get to breath the fresh air and admire the "clouds and bushes." Keep up your good work! In no time you'll be running that 5k!

Tracy Wood said... [Reply]

I am totally impressed by your dedication and so glad it's paying off! I have re-dedicated myself to long walks each day - not quite as challenging as your routine. I am also drooolllliinnnggg over those fab shoes!!!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Tracy Wood Great to hear you're going for long walks!! I enjoy going for walks on warm, summer nights. We have a lovely lake near our house. It's about a 2-1/2 mile route and on nice nights, we'll take a walk around the lake after dinner. As for the shoes, I could not have been more excited finding them in my size. It was marked down from $245 to $175 to $88 to $50 with an extra 20% off. I'd been looking for a cute pair of gold, strappy sandals and couldn't pass them up!

Adrienne said... [Reply]

Good girl for sticking with it. Maybe your host needs to be muted??

Those shoes will be in style for years and years to come. What a fantastic find!

I am so glad you had a great time with your brothers.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Adrienne Nah, no need to mute Shaun T. Just as I suspected, we're back to being friends this week. I'm feeling better this week and the recovery workout is like a breath of fresh air!

Hines-Sight said... [Reply]

What a great buy! I think it's great that you doing this. I am going to need to buckle down myself and take off the five pounds that I've put on while blogging. Exercise is becoming second.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Hines-Sight I hear ya! Between blogging and kids, I'm sure it's even harder to find time to exercise.

montanawildflower said... [Reply]

OMG - those shoes are absolutely beautiful and for only $40?!!! You scored!!! Now that's a worthy reward for all your hard work! Well done Mrs. S!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@montanawildflower Aren't they great?! And just think, if it weren't for your little pep talk, I would have gotten scissors instead!! Maybe I'll show them off at dinner on Friday night ;)