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I went to a local estate sale today and walked out with a few goodies. 

Number 1: A brushed brass chandelier in the early-American Colonial style
Price: $5
Why I Bought It: We have a traditional dining room with a modern chandelier.  I wanted something more traditional, but nothing ornate, wanting it to match the tone and feel of our home.  Traditional, classic, simple.  Plus, the price was right.

Number 2: A vintage hurricane lamp
Price: $2
Why I Bought It: Mr. Stranded has been complaining since we moved in that he wants a reading light for his side of the bed.  I really liked the detail on this lamp and thought it was interesting.  Our bedroom colors are porcelain blue and white, with black accents such as our chandelier and vintage door knobs.  I was thinking of spray-painting this black.  Thoughts?

Number 3: A small crystal covered bowl
Price: $1
Why I Bought It: I had to laugh because Jenny at Jen-uinely Inspired just blogged this morning about how nice these are to store things in, like cotton balls in the bathroom or trinkets in her craft room.  I had been looking for one to put in the kitchen to hold my jewelry while I cook.  I walked into the estate sale and it practically had my name on it. 

Number 4: Two small Depression glass bowl
Price: $1 for both
Why I Bought It: Why not?  They were $1 and I'm sure I can use them for dipping sauces, nuts, and the like.  I'm a sucker for Depression glass.

That's it for this week's edition of the junk treasures I buy at Cleveland's Estate Sales.


Jen-uinely Inspired said... [Reply]

How funny! I cannot believe you found that little glass bowl after my post last week. You are only lucky girl!