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Today was a great day.  Admittedly, this is not my most exciting post.  But the smiles kept coming all day.

We finally got a screen door installed.  Just as I caved this summer with our land-scapping, I decided I could not survive another summer in this house without opening the front door and letting in some fresh air. 

Our side door already had a screen and now we're getting some wonderful cross ventilation.  The kick plate was supposed to be white, not brass, but  I'm so happy with the fresh air, I don't even care about the mix-up.  I'm sure it will get fixed.  And in an odd way, I think the screen door makes our front entrance more welcoming.  Am I the only one who thinks so?  And now that I'm looking at the pictures, I think it's about time I make a new Summer front door wreath!


WITH SCREEN Sketchers arrived today.  Mr. Stranded and I went on a long walk after dinner.  It was a beautifully warm night with a gentle breeze.  A perfect summer night.

And...our peonies are beginning to bloom.

And...I Skyped with two of the most beautiful girls in the world - our twin nieces. 

All-in-all, a great day!


montanawildflower said... [Reply]

I agree, the screen door does make the entry look more inviting. And, can I just say, LOVE the flower pots! Nice job!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@montanawildflower Thanks! Then again, I had some great coaching on the pots ;) I forgot you didn't see them before you left.

Miss T said... [Reply]

screen door = GREAT! we are freezing here today (I know, I have been through this before - its currently 11 degrees, which equates to 50 degrees over your way but its freezing for us!) Those children are plenty sweet and peonies are one of my FAVOURITES! ranunculus are tops too - get some!
T xx

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Miss T Normally I would say "boo-hoo" to 50 degrees, but I remember how cold I felt when living in Sydney with no central heat. Instead, we had this space heater that would shoot sparks from it. We were so cold, that we had a rule: don't put the space heater near books, magazines, nor fabrics. Boy, were we dumb! We're lucky we didn't start a fire. I guess after a long night of Tooheys New, it seemed like a brilliant plan.

I LOVE ranunculus too! I think we'd have a hard time growing them here though. Our property is very shady. The only bit of sun we get already has the peonies and a rose bush. I wonder if I can squeeze some ranunculus in between the bushes. Hmmm...

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said... [Reply]

A screen door can be very exciting. Sometimes it's the little things that please us the most. I think your entrance looks very inviting.

Sara Louise said... [Reply]

A totally happy day!

Jen-uinely Inspired said... [Reply]

I like that your new screen door doesn't take away from your front door. I might have to rethink about getting a screen door for our front door. And love your peonies! After roses, that is my second favorite flower.

Hines-Sight said... [Reply]

Love the door. The nieces are so cute.

Tracy Wood said... [Reply]

Yea! for the screen door - I love my screens! Get that breeze moving! My peonies are still buds, but I know it won't be long till them open. They are my favorite in big bunches in huge vases in my kitchen and bathroom and bedrooms. So romantic.

His Way or Her Way said... [Reply]

I have a pane glass storm door at my condo. I am so happy because I think down here in Florida it's a necessity to keep lizards out of my door wreath. . .lol.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@His Way or Her Way I still love my screen door (although Home Depot has yet to rectify the incorrect kick plate.) I plan on making a new front door wreath this weekend. If it turns out any good, I'll post it!