Insanity Saturday Update | Exercise | Recovery Week

I left Cranky-Pants McGee (aka, me last week) in the dust and started this week with my normal, can-do attitude.  I breezed through the work-outs and completed this week with no problem!  And just as I suspected, Shaun T and I are on good terms again.

This week was Recovery Week where we did a full week of Core Cardio & Balance.  The purpose of the week was to focus on our core and form, and prepare us for the challenge to come in Month 2.  Instead of the same muscle groups getting pounded over and over and over again, all of the muscle groups were worked, but not the point of complete exhaustion.  It's a nice change of pace and was a very welcomed break.  I thought I would get bored doing the same work-out all six days this week, but I wasn't.  I stayed focused on strengthening my core and maintaining my form.

  • Measurements and weight did not fluctuate from last week, but given this was an easier week, I'm not surprised
  • I think this week's work-out was difficult in its own right.  However, following a month of day-to-day extreme work-outs, it felt like a very relaxed week.
  • My quads are still tight and I'm not sure what to do about it.  They certainly feel better than they did last week, but I'm worried about starting Month 2 with tight quads.  I've been stretching and staying hydrated, so if anyone has any other tips on how to loosen them up, please leave a comment.
  • Month 2 is supposed to be longer, more intense work-outs.  I thought Month 1 was difficult, especially the first two weeks, so I can't imagine how Month 2 will go.
  • Mr. Stranded and I are both nervous about starting Month 2, but are mentally prepared for the challenge

Given the easier work-outs this week, I felt my original incentive, Bath & Bodyworks Antibacterial Soap, was a fair reward.  While at the outlets last weekend, I hit up the BBW outlet store and bought a few bottles for $1.75 each. 

Recovery Week down.  Four more to go!


Adrienne said... [Reply]

Glad to hear you are back to liking Insanity...I'm nervous about month #2 and I'm not even doing it!

I used to only use the BBW foaming hand soap...but I found the trips to our local mall far too dangerous. I would walk in with intentions of buying only soap, and walk out with a bunch of new clothing and accessories I did not need.

I use boring old liquid soap that I buy at Safeway and use to refill glass soap dispensers. I miss those pretty BBW scents.

Happy 4th! What are you up to today?

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Adrienne Three days into Month 2 now and it is WAY harder. My body aches everywhere!

I had never tried the BBW hand soap until my mother-in-law gave me some this past Christmas. We liked it so much, I made it one of my incentives. Once they run out, I think we'll be back to the boring old liquid soap too.

Hope you had a great 4th!