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My parents came to visit this weekend and we had a wonderful time together.  This was my parents' first visit during Cleveland's warmer months and I think they were surprised to see just how beautiful Cleveland is during the summer.  The weekend consisted of long walks, dinner/brunch at our favorite restaurants, a BBQ with friends, backing my car into my husband's car (ok, so maybe that part wasn't so much fun), and of course, estate and moving sales!!!

We went on Friday afternoon while Mr. Stranded was still at work.  My parents were amazed by the bargains and seemed to have fun going from one sale to another.  So-much-so, that my mom and I hit up a couple more on Saturday before our BBQ!

First I'll share with you my parents' Fabulous Finds followed by mine.

My Parents' Fabulous Friday Finds

Antique Compote Dishes and Dessert Plates (Set of 20): $10
My mom has some pretty antique champagne saucers and wine glasses.  She had just said earlier that week that she wished she had some compote dishes to match.  We couldn't believe it when we found her set at a moving sale!!

Depression Glass Footed Bowl: $5

Pink Depression Glass Serving Boat: $3

Lemax Village Collection Lighted Building: $0.75
Here was something for my dad!  My dad is a Jack-of-all-Trades.  He can build a deck, floor an attic, rewire electricity through a house, and buff scratches out of a car (as was the case above).  He also has an artistic side and creates beautiful village scenes during the holidays: a nativity scene that spans the back wall of the living room, a small village scene that resides on the bay window seat and a model train/village that spans the back wall of the basement.  He's constantly collecting figurines, houses, trees, etc and creating papier-mache mountains, landscapes and lakes.  Really, beautiful work.  Normally Lemax houses sell upwards of $25.  So he was delighted to find a house (even though it was brighter than his normal color palette) for $0.75.  Glad my dad found something for himself!

My Fabulous Friday Finds
(I had forgotten to bring cash with me, so these ended up being gifts from my parents.  They even bought me a few things that were surprises!)

Antique Torchiere Lamp: $25
This lamp is beautiful!  It has an alabaster base, an intricate carving up the center pole, three mini candles with one large light.  I need to buy an appropriate lamp shade, but it looks lovely behind one of our accent chairs.

Yet Another Dish Set (Set of 41): $10
As you know, I have an unusual obsession with dishes.  At first glance, this set has the same colors and loosely reminds me of Lenox's Autumn china pattern.  The set name is "Medici" and is manufactured by Myott Staffordshire England.  We're having a Birthday Bash this September for Mr. Stranded and some friends, so I plan to use these then.


Silver-Plated Salad Tongs: $3

Votive Candle Holder: $1
A surprise from my parents.  So cute!!

Salt Cellar: $0.10
Another surpise from my parents.  How adorable is this?

Crystal Divided Serving Dish: $3
And yet ANOTHER surprise from my parents.  I can always use one of these!

Glass Serving Bowl: $5
Another surprise from my parents.  Am I a lucky girl or what?

Silver-Plated Letter Opener: $0.50
Last surprise.  This letter opener is much prettier and safer than using my scissors.

The weekend, overall, was wonderful and very relaxing.  We really enjoyed ourselves and it makes me sad that my family isn't closer.  Now that my parents saw first-hand how much nicer Cleveland is to visit during the summer than winter, they promised to return again soon.  I'm already looking forward to it!


annie said... [Reply]

I can't believe the deals you find in Cleveland. Sounds like a fun weekend!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@annie It really was a fun weekend! My mom was hoping to find a new kitchen table, but we didn't see any worthwhile. I wish we needed furniture because the prices here for the furniture pieces are a steal!

montanawildflower said... [Reply]

Can we go estate shopping this Friday together? I'll even take the afternoon off. :)

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@montanawildflower Totally! When do you want to go? Anything, in particular, that you're looking to buy?

Sarah said... [Reply]

You know, I've never thought to browse for estate sales in our area. Brilliant! I love the Medici dish set...beautiful!!

Tori May said... [Reply]

Wow!!! Those deals are wonderful, I love finding nice items at great prices! Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Sarah The estate sales in the Cleveland area are fantastic! I had never been to one before moving to Cleveland and then one day one of the gorgeous mansions in the area was having an estate sale. I had always wanted to see the inside of that particular house, so I went in hoping to give myself a self-guided tour and was amazed by the treasures being sold. I've gotten some really nice furniture (although there's so much more I would like to buy but don't have the room!) and other goodies. Some sales are better than others, but then I find something like the dish set above and think it's worht it! The hubby hates going to these things, so I go on Fridays while he's still working. It's kind of fun.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Tori May Tori - thanks for stopping by! I heard that you found some lovely tea cups at an estate sale yourself recently. It's exciting to find a little treasure, isn't it? The weekend was fantastic and it was nice spending some time with my parents. Good luck with your blog! Looking forward to reading your next post.