1/2 Marathon Training | Exercise | Week 1 Update

Remember that little 9 Week program I completed called Insanity?  And remember how I kept you updated with my progress?  And then remember when I announced that Mr. Stranded and I were going to run a 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles?)  Yes?  Good.

Let's be honest -  the blog updates were more for my benefit than yours.  You were all so nice to check in, give me words of encouragement and keep me motivated!   And to stay motivated and on track with the 1/2 marathon training, I decided to continue my once-weekly exercise update.  This series will be called 1/2 Marathon Training Update and I will try to post it each Sunday after our long runs.

Unofficially, Mr. Stranded and I have been training for the 1/2 Marathon for the past month.  Officially, our 10-Week training began last week.  Essentially, we run three short runs per week (ranging from 3 miles to 5.5 miles each) and one long run each Sunday (5 miles to 12 miles).

Do you know Sarah, over at Coffee and Cabernet?  She's a gal after my own heart and has a blog that shares her enthusiasm for mommyhood, crafting, decorating & organizing, fashion, and discovering "fabulous finds."  Check it out!
Sarah trained for a full marathon, all the way up to the end, completing the long 20-miler and then fell to a small foot fracture.  Even though she wasn't able to race in the marathon, she had 10 terrific running tips for me and was kind enough to agree to let me share them with you.

So for the next 10 weeks, I am going to feature one of Sarah's tips each week and what steps I've taken to implement that tip.

Week 1 Tip

Sarah said:  Follow your training schedule, but don't let it make you crazy.  A schedule is a great tool because it allows you to plan; planning helps ensure that you'll fit your runs in each week.  However, if you need to rearrange a week's runs once in a while, don't fret about it.  If you end up running 5 miles one day instead of 6, you'll be just fine.

Thanks, Sarah!  This tip was greatly needed especially after the the past couple of weeks we've had!  Between traveling for work, having out-of-town guests and celebrating our anniversary, there was quite a bit of rearranging going on lately.  I'm hoping we'll be back on track these next few weeks coming up, but at least we made sure that reached our overall mileage at the end of each week, regardless of which days we ran to get there.

Runner's Pick of the Week

During Insanity, I always featured an Incentive Reward.  There won't be any rewards this time around, but instead I will feature a particular item, product, etc. that I find helpful and useful for running.

This week's featured pick is  Neutrogena Sport Face SPF 70+ Sunblock Lotion.  I enjoy running outdoors, but want to protect my face and prevent any premature aging.  This sunblock is sweat-proof without a heavy, greasy feel.  If I only I could convince Mr. Stranded to lather up...

 The race is on November 6th.  Here we come!


Miss T said... [Reply]

Good luck! I struggle running to my mailbox let alone a 1/2 marathon, so I will be following with great interest!

Jen-uinely Inspired said... [Reply]

I'm so excited that you are running your first 1/2 marathon. I totally geek out when it comes to the subject of running. I know that you will do AWESOME and I look forward to reading your weekly updates and cheering you on! If Glide isn't one of your future products to feature, you should definitely check it out!

Paula said... [Reply]

Yay, a new sport-project! How much did you run before starting the half-marathon-project? I never run more than 3 miles, which is actually my max. But I don't train for a race, I run to burn kcals and stay fit. I wonder how fit I should be before starting a half-marathon-training.
Do your knees ever hurt after a run? Or any other part of your body?
I would love to see a before/after photo, I am sure your body will change over the weeks.

Paula said... [Reply]

PS: I just googled, many pages say one should not train for a half-marathon during the first year of running as a newbie.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Miss T You're too funny!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Jen-uinely Inspired Thanks, Jenny! I've never heard of Glide. I will need to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Paula Mr. Stranded and I have been running together for years, although just 3-4 miles per run. This is the first time we're attempting long-distance running.

I don't feel comfortable sharing before/after photos, but I will certainly keep you updated with any pounds and inches lost of the course of the training.

I don't want to jinx myself, but so far everything feels fine. We're religious about stretching before and after our runs, so I think the stretching is helping to prevent injury.

Tracy Wood said... [Reply]

Oh! I love that Neutrogena Sport Face - It's a great product! I look forward to reading about your training and progress. My daughter is a big marathon runner, so I know it takes lots of dedication! Good Luck!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Tracy Wood It sure does! And finding the time to run with a busy schedule is harder than I thought. But I'm pretty determined to see this through.

annie said... [Reply]

Way to go...you sound very determined and I admire your enthusiasm. I work out every day, well 5 days a week, but I just can't get into running and I know it's probably just what I need.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Great post! I know I'm going to really enjoy your weekly updates. I just love hearing about others' running adventures & challenges. Oh, and I've never used Glide but many of my running buddies would swear by it.