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I first wanted to start off by saying a quick thanks to everyone who stopped over at La Petite Critique in Paris and left a comment and/or became a follower.  Our little nine-year-old food critic was super excited to see everyone's enthusiasm surrounding her blog, so thank you!

I'm finally back from my crazy few weeks, although, my traveling was cut short.  Mr. Stranded and I were supposed to head out to New York this weekend to celebrate my wonderful mother-in-law's 65th birthday.  Well...Hurricane Irene is keeping us in Cleveland.  We had planned a fantastic weekend filled with festivities that unfortunately, will just have to wait.  But we still wish my mother-in-law a Happy Birthday and wonderful year ahead!

All this hurricane talk got Mr. Stranded and me reminiscing on our first honeymoon.  Yes, we had two, Bermuda and South Africa, but I won't bore you with details now.  Anyway...while we were in Bermuda, there was talk of a hurricane about to hit.  We noticed that no one seemed particularly concerned.  Yes, people were taking measures to cover their windows, etc, but the locals seemed rather calm and....cheerful.

We were chatting with a bar tender who told us she loved hurricanes.  The entire island would shut down for a few days and locals would throw "hurricane parties" where friends would gather in each other's homes for the duration of the hurricane to drink and play games.  Actually, it sounded like a lot of fun to me!  But not enough fun that we didn't get the heck out of there before the hurricane hit.  

So it got me thinking  - If I were going to throw a hurricane party, what drinks would I serve?  And then I remembered seeing this drink, The Eye of the Hurricane, in Cocktails and Punches by Linda Doeser.

Kind of fitting, huh?  Plus, I'm a sucker for anything with passion fruit.

But in all seriousness, for those of you along the Eastern seaboard, I hope the hurricane blows back East and you all stay safe.

Eye of the Hurricane Recipe
Yields: 1 serving

4-6 cracked ice cubes
2 measures passion fruit syrup
1 measure lime juice
bitter lemon, to top off
slice of lemon, to decorate

1. Put the cracked ice cubes into a mixing glass.  Pour the syrup and lime juice over the ice and stir well to mix.
2. Strain into a chilled glass and top off with bitter lemon.  Stir gently and decorate with the lemon slice.


Miss T said... [Reply]

you forgot to add "2.7 litres of vodka' to the glass....

stay safe, girlfriend.
T xx

Gina said... [Reply]

I think your nieces blog is adorable, looking forward to her reviews. I'm hoping that hurricane won't be bad, but that idea of hanging out together and waiting it out is a great one. Hope you have a great weekend.

Hines-Sight said... [Reply]

So sorry about your weekend plans.

Thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday. I got an e-mail that looked like a comment, but then the comment was not there. Wonder why?

Anyway, I appreciate it. The backpack buddy program is so beneficial.

I always think cocktail recipes are so interesting.

Sarah said... [Reply]

BUMMER about your trip. :-( Well, if it's any consolation, at only 7:50 a.m. I already feel like I could use an Eye of the Hurricane! Ha ha ha. Here's to making the most out of the weekend in Ohio.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Miss T Haha. Thanks, lady! We should be ok out here in the Cleve, but we're worried about our friends and family along the East coast. First an earthquake. Now a hurricane. Crazy week for natural disasters!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Gina Thanks, Gina! I hope you have a great weekend too.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Hines-Sight We lucked out when my brother and his family left for Paris. They gave us their fully-stocked liquor cabinet. Mr. Stranded and I have been entertaining our friends with new signature drinks. It's been fun!

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Sarah Haha! I hear ya! The weather is supposed to be beautiful in Cleveland this weekend, so at least we'll get to enjoy some outdoor time before the weather gets cold.

Nicole said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

This does sound yummy. Just because you're landlocked (as am I) there's no reason to not have a hurricane party with a cocktail like this. Maybe you could just call yours "Heard there is a Hurricane." I had a cocktail at Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans that was called a Hurricane and oh, boy, it was YUM!

denisedolence said... [Reply]

NY chiming in. We have battened down the hatches and await Irene's arrival. Afraid to start drinking ere we have to evacuate.

Posh Puppy

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@denisedolence D - We're up this morning watching the Weather Channel and we're both worried about all of you. Stay safe and check back in.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Anonymous We're going to visit New Orleans and Baton Rouge this Fall. I'll have to stop at Pat O'Brien's and give the Hurricane a try!