1/2 Marathon Training | Exercise | Week 10 Update

Oh, my goodness...can you believe I'm almost there?  I can't.  Next week is the 1/2 Marathon!  I've been traveling like crazy lately.  First London, then Paris, then New York for a wedding, then stayed in New York for work.  Add a few sick days in there and running has been tough.  I didn't miss any of my long runs, but I did miss a few of my shorter runs here and there.

I skipped one of my 5 milers this week, but unless I was willing to wake up at 4am or run at 11pm, it wasn't possible to squeeze it in.  I was able to fit in the rest of my runs including our 9-miler yesterday.

The 1/2 Marathon is only six days away!   Last year, it snowed the first weekend of November in Cleveland.  So I'm certainly not going to complain about a mostly sunny forecast with a high of 58F.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it holds up!

Overall, I feel ready, but nervous.  My muscles were tired after our 12 miles and I didn't feel like I had another 1.1 miles in me.  Mr. Stranded reminded me that I was getting over jet-lag, being sick, and had a late night out with friends the night before our 12 mile run.  I hope he's right, although I'm not convinced.  So my plan is to go to bed at a reasonable hour this week, eat right and stay hydrated.

So after the past couple months of training, I've determined that my two goals are: 1) To finish without stopping or walking (with the exception of stopping for a gu pack midway through.)  I would like to maintain a consistent pace throughout.  This hasn't been a problem thus far in my training, but then again, I haven't attempted the 13.1 miles yet!  2) Finish the run in 2 hrs and 20 minutes or less.  That's a little more than a 10 min/mile pace, but that should allow for any shoe-lace tying, gu pack consumption, etc.

Sarah's tips have been extremely helpful thus far.  With just one more week to go, let's check out her final tip.

Week 10 Tip
Sarah said:  Um...HAVE FUN!  I'm not sure if you remember, but I never actually got to run my race.  I trained all the way up to the end, completing the long 20-miler and then fell to a small foot fracture.  It was devastating, but I so fully enjoyed the training that all the effort was not in vain.  Approach it as a huge, fun challenge and you will be rewarded ten-fold.

Thanks, Sarah!  Has it been fun?  Yeah, I guess it has!  Not the running part, necessarily.  But I've discovered so many things about myself during the training such as:
  • If I have the right equipment, the cold doesn't bother me.  I enjoy being outside after a long day of work, no matter the temperature. 
  • I have a lot more mind over body power than I'd ever given myself credit.  I NEVER thought I would mentally get through the mental boredom of running for 2 hours straight, but I was wrong.  Running provided me with the opportunity to clear my mind and mentally relax.
  • And while I've always known I'm a tenacious person when I set a goal for myself, I wasn't sure I'd see this through given how much I'd disliked running.  But with each run I completed, long or short, I felt really good about it and a small sense of accomplishment.  So much so, I told Mr. Stranded that up until it starts snowing, I want to continue running outdoors and follow our training schedule: two 5-milers each week and one 3-miler with a run of my choice on the weekend.  So for someone who couldn't stand running when we started this adventure, I've come a long way.
  • AND --- although I haven't stepped on a scale or measured myself during the training, I feel fantastic.  I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again.  Size 4 is finally too big for me and I'm a solid size 2.  Just a little bit more to go and I'll be my old size again!

Runner's Pick of the Week
I FINALLY uploaded my photos!  Adrienne from The Rich Life (on a Budget) was kind enough to send a runner's care package with a variety of goodies.  The package included a running magazine, water bottle with hand strap, Clif Energy Chews Shot Blocks, Skweet Sport Bottle Wash, Soothe Your Soles Cleansing Foot Towelette, Blister Shields, and Penguin Sport-Wash. 

While we've enjoyed using everything, we did have our favorites.  Mr. Stranded consumed the Shot Blocks the morning of the 10k and he liked them enough to buy more.  The magazine made it into my bag for my many flights and helped to occupy my time, and I could not have been more excited to try the Sport-Wash!  The sport wash removes odors completely, leaves no residue to interfere with moisture wicking fabric and restores factory-applied waterproofing.  Cool product!  Tried it, liked it and now I'm keeping my eyes open to buy more.   Thank you so much, Adrienne!  How thoughtful of you to send the package and it was much appreciated!

Well, I guess this is it.  I'll let you know how next week goes, but this is my last training post.  Thank you, once again, to all of you who have been checking in and cheering me on.  Wish me luck for Sunday!!


Miss T said... [Reply]

remind me, I have told you you're crazy right? ;)

Hines-Sight said... [Reply]

I'll be thinking of you. Jealous of all that traveling.