1/2 Marathon Training | Exercise | Week 6 Update

There was some concern over last week's announcement of my knee pain.  To put people's concern to rest, I will finally reveal that Mr. Stranded is a doctor.  He monitors my health and well-being carefully and so far, has no serious concerns with my joint paint.  Mr. Stranded was right.  My knees just needed a little ice and elevation.  After a week of following the doctor's orders, I am back in optimal running shape!  I completed my long run today with no problems.

I ran a total distance this week of 20 miles with a long run of 8 miles.  It was absurdly cold this morning and windy!  My fingers, ears and tush were chilled to the bone!!  Another day like this and I'm going to have to pull out the gloves.  Next week is our 10k race and I certainly hope it's a little warmer than today.  And fingers crossed that the rain holds off.

Let's see what tip Sarah at Coffee & Cabernet has this week.

Week 6 Tip
Sarah said:  Purchase good running shoes and switch them out as often as suggested by a professional.  I always have my running shoes fitted at a local running shop by a professional that I trust.  Instead of going to a big department-like sporting shop, try finding a shop that is primarily dedicated to running and runners.  They will be able to tell you the kinds of shoes that will work best for you, your training schedule, and how often you will need to replace them.

Thanks, Sarah!  You're so right on this.  At the start of our training, I headed out to our local running store and the manager couldn't have been more helpful.  I had my heart set on a pair of Brooks, but he encouraged me to run outside in several shoes.  After some discussion, I settled on a pair of Saucony's.  After a few weeks of running in them, I realized the manager knew what he was talking about - these shoes are the right fit for my feet!  He provided me with plenty of tips and some goo samples.  There's something to be said about the service at local stores.

Runner's Pick of the Week
I already told you about my running shoes previously, but it seems appropriate to show them off again.  The Saucony ProGrid Mirage is a light-weight running shoe and provides midfoot support.  I like these so much, I bought a second pair.

The race is on November 6th.  Here we come!


Miss T said... [Reply]

are you married to the Bachelor? the doctor guy? c'mon - spill it.
Gotta hate knee pain. Well done though - champion!

Hines-Sight said... [Reply]

I'm glad you are doing well.

I need to get motivated for my regular exercise lately. It's so easy to get out of the habit.

PS. I must be really, really smart because I guessed right on the profession of Mr. Stranded.

Paula said... [Reply]

Thank you for the update! Since you run in cold climates: how long do you pause when catching a cold? I caught a cold last week and I can not imagine being able running ever again. It seems just so out of reach, with the blocked nose and sore throat.

Where would we be without those runner's-stores. I love them, too!

Adrienne said... [Reply]

The end is near! Yay! If Bill was a doctor, I would drive him nuts by constantly asking for medical advice.

Glad to hear your knee pain has subsided.