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I won't be blogging very much this week, but I had to get a post in to tell you about the  
10k Towpath Race Mr. Stranded, Mrs. H and I ran yesterday.  It was one of the most beautiful October mornings I can remember in a long time.  When we piled in the car and arrived at the race, it was still pitch black and cool.  But as the race began, the sun came out and it warmed to around 60 degrees F during the run and up to 76 degrees F afterwards!  Absolutely perfect running conditions for me. 

The Towpath Race is a beautiful course weaving through wooded areas with gorgeous trees and leaves changing their colors.  As I started my run, I was overlooking the valley that still had some fog and midst and the song "Good Life" was playing on my ipod.  And I thought, "This is a good life!"  A beautiful Autumn morning, running next to my honey and with my friend, not a care in the world, having my mother-in-law in for a visit and cheering us on - what could make for a better morning?

We averaged 9:20/min.  I'm pretty happy with my time.  I had to stop to tie my shoe once and I had a huge blister on my right foot.  Stupid me - I tried out a new pair of flats the day before the race.  Who does that?!  I took a pic wth my phone to show you.  It was kind of hard to take a picture of the back of my own foot, but I think it gives you a good idea of this blister!  It was uncomfortable, but thankfully, didn't hinder my running in any significant way.

I did take some pictures after the race, but I didn't have a chance to upload them before leaving for the airport (oh yeah, I'm typing this in the airport.  I'll update you more on my trip next week.)  Mrs. H texted me a picture that she took on her iPhone, so at least I have that photo to share with you.  Mrs. H is in the pink, I'm in the blue.

I just want to take a moment to give a shout-out to my wonderful husband.  I try not to make the blog a gush session for how great Mr. Stranded is to me.  I think it's pretty obvious through previous posts that I'm absolutely gaga over Mr. Stranded and think I'm married to the most wonderful guy in the world, but I try hard to keep my sappiness at bay.  Well, let me just say that Mr. Stranded shows his love for me in small ways every day and yesterday was no different.  Even though I kept telling Mr. Stranded during the race he could leave me and run ahead, he wouldn't.  He stayed 1-step behind me, letting me set the pace, and told me we're a team and we were running the race together.  Even at the very end, when I was sprinting the last .2 miles to the finish line, he maintained his 1-step pace behind me and let me finish ahead of him.  After the time results came out, I realized that Mr. Stranded could easily have won his age group had he not kept my pace.  It was just another reminder to me that Mr. Stranded doesn't live his life as a "me" anymore, but as a "we" and always has since the day we were married.  With Mr. Stranded, there isn't any grand, romantic gesture that he makes to show me how much he loves me, but it's in the small, daily things he does, such as running the race with me, that lets me know just how much I'm loved and I feel thankful and blessed every day that nonna prayed for me to meet Mr. Stranded.

OK, enough gushing over my hubby.  Let's see what tip Sarah over at Coffee & Cabernet had for me this week.

Week 7 Tip
Sarah said:  Stretch.  Stretch.  Stretch.  I found that it was better to stretch EVER SO LIGHTLY before a run and then VERY heavily after a run.  Depending on how long a run is, it can also be beneficial to take a quick stretch break during a run.  Stretching a great deal before you run isn't as effective because your muscles have yet to warm up.

Thanks, Sarah!  I ALWAYS stretch.  Religiously.  We stretch before runs and after runs.  That is except for yesterday after our 10k.  I started chatting with friends and the we decided to grab breakfast and before I knew, it was 4 hours after the race and I had completely forgotten to stretch!  I'm feeling fine today though my quads are just a little tight but nothing horrible, so I'm considering myself lucky!  I won't forget again.

Runner's Pick of the Week
I have to wrap this up because my flight is boarding soon.  I wanted to show you the very thoughtful running package Adrienne over at The Rich Life (on a Budget) sent to me last week.  It had lots of goodies and it was so nice of her to think of me!  But, I didn't get a chance to upload the picture of her generous gift, so I'll post it next week. 

So in the meantime, I'll just mention that I really like the new Nike running gloves I bought for the colder days.  It keeps my hands warm and wicks away sweat.  The gloves even have a cool pocket for my house key.  Now that I have the proper gear for running in cold weather, I don't mind it at all.

The 1/2 Marathon is on November 6th.  Here we come!


Adrienne said... [Reply]

Congratulations on your completion of the race! I am sorry you had to endure it with a nasty blister. I can see Mr. S is a very loving husband - the fact that he stayed with you instead of running ahead is proof of that.
Have a safe and fun-filled trip (even though I know it's mostly work). I am glad your gift got to you in time. Any blister medicine in that care package? I can't recall.

xo, Adrienne

Gina said... [Reply]

Congrats on the race. I wish I had the stamina to run, I'm more of a walker these days. Ouch on the foot.
Have a great rest of the week.

Hines-Sight said... [Reply]

Congrats on your weekend, and success in the race. That's fantastic.

Nicole said... [Reply]


Jen-uinely Inspired said... [Reply]

Congrats on the race! And how sweet of Mr. S to run with you. Even though I slow my husband down in races, he still insists on running with me. Our very first half marathon we crossed the finish line holding hands. It's one of my favorite pictures.

Paula said... [Reply]

Brave girl! Running with a blister you had from the beginning of the race. I told Mr Paula about your husband, how he runs 1 step behind you. Mr Paula is always this 1 step ahead of me which I hate! It puts so much pressure on me and he does not understand why it would make such a difference. I like the picture of you two running together.

Once more, you will become my running-rolemodel when it comes to basic gear: The only gloves for sports I own are skiing-gloves and silk-gloves to wear underneath. I will go and buy a pair of running gloves and they must come with a key-pocket. How handy!!

I did not know 4 hours after running would be too late for some decent streching. I stretch immediately after the exercise, too, but I thought this might even be too early, since the muscles are really hot that time.

Tmeperatures have dropped down to 10°C and rain (from clear blue skies and 26°C). I found myself spending more time in the kitchen, cooking gratins instead of running 3 times a week. Must be some neandertal-gene that got activated that tells me to save energy rather than burning it as soon as it gets cold.

shauna said... [Reply]

Well done you...blister and all, so inspiring! I can't wait to read about the half!!!

montanawildflower said... [Reply]

Congratulations on your run!!! You and Mr. S are both awesome!!