1/2 Marathon Training | Exercise | Week 9 Update

I'm going to make this a very quick post.  The past two weeks have been extraordinarily busy so I haven't had any free time, but wanted to take a few minutes to update you on last week's runs, even though it's almost a week late.

Mr. Stranded and I were in New York last weekend for a wedding.  We knew we'd be in no shape to run 12 miles on Sunday morning after a long night of partying, so we ran it Saturday morning before the festivities began.

We started our run near the Freedom Tower down in Battery Park City, ran up the West Side of Manhattan along the Hudson River all the way up to 95th Street, turned around and ran back down.  Total loop equalled just over 12 miles.  I was pretty tired after the run, but at least I know now that we should be able to complete the 13.1 miles next weekend without too much trouble.  It was great running in "my" city and the day could not have been more beautiful.  A truly wondering Saturday morning. 

I stayed in New York the rest of the week for work purposes.  Even though I packed running clothes, due to my crazy work schedule, the 12-miler was all I was able to fit in this week.  I'm back home now, so Mr. Stranded and I are going to run 5 miles tonight, 3 tomorrow and 9 on Sunday.


With the 1/2 Marathon only a week away, let's see what tip Sarah over at Coffee & Cabernet had this week.

Week 9 Tip
Sarah said:  Be good with regard to your diet.  Eat smart, eat healthy.  Treat it like fuel.  :-)

Thanks, Sarah!  Mr. Stranded and I eat rather healthy on a normal basis (except when we're entertaining, of course!) and didn't need to do much to change our diet. 

Runner's Pick of the Week
I still want to show you the runner's care package Adrienne over at The Rich Life (on a Budget) sent, but still haven't uploaded the photos off my camera.  I will get to it this weekend, promise!  So for now, I'll tell you that the iPod Nano 6th Generation has been a life-saver, especially on the long runs.  I had the older model of the iPod Nano 3rd Generation that required a running strap for around my arm.  I found it to be cumbersome and it would often slide down my spaghetti arms. 

Mr. Stranded, being the sweet guy that he is, offered to trade iPods with me.  I had given him the iPod Nano 6th Generation as a Christmas gift last year and he let me borrow it.  When I commented how much easier I thought it was to run with his iPod, he traded with me.  I like how this iPod is light-weight and clips to my shirt.  And, I also like how this generation iPod has a radio function.  I mix it up, listening to the radio or play lists, depending on my mood for the day.  Thanks, Mr. S!  This year I'm going to give you a Christmas gift that I won't steal from you.

The 1/2 Marathon is on November 6th.  Here we come!


Miss T said... [Reply]

You'll smash it! I'm crazy busy too! what's going on?! hurry back
T x

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said... [Reply]

Wow, this is impressive! I'm not sure I could walk 12 miles much less run them. Of course with this heel spur I'm currently dealing with, I tend to the the gait of Igor from Young Frankenstein.

Sarah said... [Reply]

You guys are SO ready for the race! Doesn't it feel great to have the long runs under your belt and to begin the taper?? Yay! (As my running group says, "The hay is in the barn!") I can't wait to hear about the half.