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This is a quick post to show off the monogrammed wreath I made last year.  I had forgotten all about it until last week when I finally pulled out our Autumn decorations.  This wreath could not have been easier to make.  I tied an orange berry garland around a grapevine wreath.  Then I painted a wooden letter purchased at Joann's and attached it with a ribbon.  It look longer for the paint to dry than to assemble the wreath.

While Mr. Stranded thinks there's too much "embroidery" around our house, (that's what he calls anything that's monogrammed.  Isn't that cute?) I think the wreath makes our home look welcoming and inviting.  I wish all my projects were this easy!


Gina said... [Reply]

You are so clever, love this idea too. Mr. Stranded is funny. Hope you had a great weekend.

Sarah | Coffee and Cabernet said... [Reply]

Ha ha ha. "Embroidery." Too cute.
I love that wreath -- I'm a sucker for anything and everything monogrammed!!

Hines-Sight said... [Reply]

That looks great. I like it.

Nicole said... [Reply]

This is really cute... I love it!

annie said... [Reply]

I love a "monogrammed" wreath...but what I really like to see are those beautiful changing leaves in your doors reflection...I do miss a fall where the leaves actually change color.

Paula said... [Reply]

You are talented! The wreath looks perfect. I would a door like that, but I share the house with 23 other parties, so it's probably not the best idea. :-)

Did you show your entrance before, I would love to get the full picture or would this be too indescret?

Paula said... [Reply]

PS: are the orange berries real or synthetic? If they are real: How did they hold up so well over the past 12 months?

A Butterfly by Day said... [Reply]

I the Autumn but here is southern California we don't get the leaves changing. I miss that from the days back east. I just came across your blog and enjoyed reading it:)


Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Paula Paula, I wish the berries were real, but alas they're synthetic. I have a black thumb with anything real! I look at it and it dies :( As for the front entrance, if you click on the "Our Home" Tab and scroll down a little, there are two different posts featuring the front of our home: Screen Door and Front Yard Transformation. Once I plant the mums, maybe I'll take an updated Autumn photo.

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@A Butterfly by Day Valerie - thank you for stopping by! I hope you return often :)

Paula said... [Reply]

Thank you for showing me around :-)
I am almost relieved to read the berries aren't real - I feel encouraged to try it, too!

Paula said... [Reply]

Hi again!

Today I ran my first wintery-run (7°C plus chill factor with winds from the west)

I wanted to let you know I just tagged you with an award:
Feel free to accept it :-)

Mrs. Stranded said... [Reply]

@Paula Thanks for the award and congrats on running in the cold! I finally pulled out my running gloves the other day. They make the world of difference on those windy days!