Port-Glazed Baby Carrots | Recipe | Quick & Easy

I often joke that the night I first realized I loved Mr. Stranded involved a Friday night post-Thanksgiving dinner with friends ... and a bottle of port.  I will spare Mr. Stranded from sharing the embarrassing details (for him, not me) but the combination of port and Thanksgiving will always hold a special place in my heart. 

So when I saw this recipe for Port-Glazed Baby Carrots in Rick Rodgers' Thanksgiving 101, I simply had to give it a try!  The port-glaze adds a savory-sweet flavor to the carrots without being overly sweet.  The carrots are nicely glazed on the outside while maintaining a slight crunch. 

This recipe shouldn't be made in advance.  Luckily it's easy enough to throw together at the last minute.  I added some chopped tarragon in the picture below for color, although I don't suggest it.  Perhaps rosemary or thymed would have been a better option.  Quite frankly, these are good on their own.

Port-Glazed Baby Carrots
Yields: 8 servings

2 Tbsp unsalted butter
2 lbs baby carrots
1-3/4 c beef broth
1/3 c tawny or ruby port
1/3 c light brown sugar
salt and pepper

1. In a large non-stick skillet, heat butter over Medium heat.  Add carrots and stir to coat.  Add broth, port, and brown sugar.  Increase heat to High and bring to a boil.  Cover with a lid and cook for 6 minutes
2. Uncover and cook, stirring often, until carrots are tender and the liquid reduces to a glaze, about 12-15 minutes.

MAKE-AHEAD TIP: If these must be prepared in advance, bring to room temperature before reheating.  To reheat, add 1/4 c water and cook over Medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the carrots are hot and water evaporates, about 5 minutes.

Source: Rick Rodger's Thanksgiving 101