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Hello, friends!  I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Last week, Mr. Stranded and I celebrated Thanksgiving in Louisiana with my brother and his family.  We still cooked, cooked, cooked, but switched up the location.  It was one of the best Thanksgivings I can remember in a long time and cooking with my brother was an absolute blast.  He's a talented cook, so it's always fun sharing the kitchen with him and picking up a few tips and tricks along the way.

While in Louisiana, we were able to celebrate our adorable twin nieces' third birthday!  They are in their "pink" stage right now and anything pink makes them happy.  So a pink party is what they got.  And they were "tickled pink" to see it all come together!!

My sister-in-law knows how much I like fussing over parties, so she was sweet enough to point me in a direction and set me loose.  I wasn't able to take many pictures because with 3-year-olds running around, who has time for pictures?  But I did snap a few to give you a general idea.

 I took some pink roses and greenery growing in my brother's backyard and made mini-flower arrangements for the drink table and bathroom.  I used pink boas and pink beads throughout the house to decorate.  What could be more girlie?

 Pink lemonade anyone?  The kids enjoyed pouring their own drinks from this drink dispenser.

 And a little something for the adults as well... My sister-in-law found this Beaujolias Nouveau at Wholefoods.  How perfect for our pink party!

 Pink paper plates and napkins in varying shades of pink.  Perfecto!

 The chandelier needed a splash of pink as well, so a bright pink boa and light pink beads did the trick.

The main food table featured a large vase with roses in different shades of pink.

A hot pink sherbet punch is refreshing on a warm Louisiana day.  Here's dad helping one of the birthday girls ladle punch into her cup.  (And take note that dad is wearing a pink shirt to get into the spirit of the party.)

 Coming up with pink food required some creativity.  But we pulled it together with dishes such as penne ala vodka, sliced fruit with a strawberry-cream cheese dip, ham and cheese finger sandwiches, and this Barley and Craisins Salad, among other things.  (To get the salad to turn this pinkish color, don't soak the wild rice in advance or cook it in a pressure cooker as directed in the recipe.)

 There can't be a pink birthday party without a pink birthday cake!

 And the party would not be complete without goodie bags.

 The birthday girls properly thanked their guests with this thank you tag. 
(I designed these, so if you'd like the template, leave a comment and I can post it.)

 Happy 3rd Birthday, my girlies!  I hope you enjoyed your Pink-tastic birthday party! 


Miss T said... [Reply]

How gorgeous! You are the best Zia on the planet! (Im second best, 'cause I dont decorate my 29 year old nephews birthday table, he'd kill me - but I love him!)
T x

Adrienne said... [Reply] adorable. I wish I had had an auntie like you when I was little - or big. xo, A

Hines-Sight said... [Reply]

What a fabulous party! You did an outstanding job. I know it was fun.

Glad you had a nice holiday.

Sara Louise said... [Reply]

What a fun party! The decor is gorgeous! Pink boas... a stroke of genius!

Paula said... [Reply]

Being an aunt is the best gift a sibling can give.
Your sister-in-law must be so happy after all you have created and invented for the girl's party. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Austria, but we press the button at this time of the year where the baking trays never cool down and spend a lot of time together in the kitchen, so last weekend.

Tracy Wood said... [Reply]

Sounds like your Thanksgiving holiday was lovely - filled with family, fun and delish 'pink' food.

Sarah | Coffee and Cabernet said... [Reply]

What a fabulous job! You always seem to make things so effortless. And I know you love your nieces, so I'm sure this was every bit as exciting for you as it was for them. :-)
P.S. Cheers on the pink food, too. Who would have thought...

Sarah | Coffee and Cabernet said... [Reply]

Be sure to check out my blog today! I've passed along a little award to you and your blog. It's cute. :-)
Hope all is well. xoxo