Fennel and Green Apple Salad | Recipe | Refreshing Fennel Salad

I stand corrected.  The other day I mentioned that only my brother-in-law and sister-in-law consistently follow the blog.  But it turns out I have quite a few family members who read Stranded in Cleveland on a regular basis.  I'm luckier than I thought!

Christmas would not be Christmas in our home without some sort of fennel.  Sometimes it's sliced up as a crudite, other times it's cooked as part of a dish, and in this case, made as a salad.  When sliced very thinly, the fennel is milder, not quite as crunchy, and refreshing.  And the best part - fennel aids in digestion!  A perfect dish for a large meal.

This salad tastes better when made a day in advance.  The acidity in the lemon dressing keeps the apple white and takes the harshness out of the fennel.

Fennel and Green Apple Salad Recipe
Yields: 8-12 servings

1 Tbsp vegetable oil
Juice from one lemon
salt and pepper
1/2 small fennel bulb
1 green apple, peeled, cored and thinly sliced

1. Combine oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Whisk together and set aside.
2. Cut leaves from fennel bulb and reserve.  Using the shredding blade of a food processor, slice the fennel as thinly as possible.  Transfer to a large bowl.
3. Add sliced apple to the fennel.  Pour lemon dressing over fennel and apple.  Toss well to combine. Taste and adjust seasoning accordingly.
4. Coarsely chop reserved fennel leaves and place on top for garnish.

MAKE-AHEAD TIP: Salad can be made and refrigerated one day in advance.  The lemon's acidity will prevent the apple from turning colors. 


Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said... [Reply]

This looks really good. I have some fennel, and used it for a recipe I"m sharing tomorrow, but wanted some other things to use as well. Hope you are well.

Tracy Wood said... [Reply]

This salad looks super refreshing! I usually see mayo for dressing a fennel salad, but I like your lemon version better! Have saved this one!

Mamma said... [Reply]

This actually is my favorite salad. Soooo refreshing. (Of course, anything with lemon is!) I also like to cut thin strips of fennell and add it to my leafy salad.